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Major Fashion Trends of Spring and Summer 2020

When it comes to fashion, the trends for men and women who love to look great and dress great seem to be constantly changing.

For many who love to be at the very forefront of fashion, the very first place they tend to look is the many top fashion shows that are held all over the world from Milan to Shanghai, to Paris and Manhattan.

So, what did we learn about this upcoming season’s trends from the fashion shows earlier this year? Here are just a few of the great trends that you will be able to look out for.

The disco collar

Who said disco was? The wide, angular collar that was seen on a nightly basis in iconic clubs like Studio 54 in the 1970s fashion has made a surprise comeback on 2020 runways. Paired with modern coats, jackets and button-downs, the design has gone from tacky to incredibly sleek. Surely, you’ll be seeing these collars for sale in your favorite boutique shops and fashionable online stores very soon.

Crochet creations

Crochet has long been connected with hippies and bohemians, but now it’s going to be connected to high fashion! A big reason why crochet is making a comeback in high fashion is due to the fact that the entire industry is seeking to find ways to be more sustainable going into the next decade.

This style of fashion that champions a slow, methodical and handmade approach to creating new designs will surely go a long way in achieving that goal. Not only are these designs beautiful, they go a long way in helping you achieve that vintage lok you have always dreamed of.

Neon dreams

The trend of wearing neon colors like hot pink, orange and green seems to come and go, and this season it has definitely come. From workout clothes, to casual wear, to fine gowns and more. Don’t be shocked to see some of your favorite stars and models literally glowing thanks to their highlighter-inspired neon colors while they walk the red carpet.

Very hot pants

Spring and summer means getting a chance to show of your incredible legs, and there are few better ways to do that than to wear slim-fitting hot pant. Don’t expect to get away with breaking out your old Daisy Dukes though, this season’s iteration of hot pants are quite sleek and come in lots of different materials, colors, looks and more.

The bra top

If you thought the crop top was teensy tiny, you’ll be even more impressed by the fabric (or lack thereof) necessary to create a bra top.

From crochet creations to a little more daring sheer approaches to the bra top, these were seen in all different shapes and styles on the red carpet. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear your new bra top, just as Margeaux at

“When the weather gets hot, you’ll surely see daring and proud women wearing their new bra tops and pairing them with their favorite pair of loose-fitting jeans, high-waisted skirts, and more.”

Tiered shirts and dresses

Tiered dresses were already quite popular thanks to last year and they were all the rage at the world’s biggest galas and shows. The 2020 spring and summer seasons will not see tiered fabric move from the most beautiful gowns to much more simple kinds of clothing such as shirts, and summer dresses. While classic black and white colors will of course be popular, so too will more festive colors such as yellow, light blues and more.

1960s and ‘70s wallpaper prints

If you think that the trends of the 1960 and 1970s are making a comeback, your beliefs will be supported even more so when you start seeing men and women wearing colorful and well-defined prints such as 1960s dress that are inspired by the incredible colors and patterns that were all the rage when lining the walls of the trendiest homes in the 1960s and 1970s.

When it’s colorful polka dots, incredible floral designs, or new takes on linear angles, you’re definitely going to be seeing your most fashionable friends rocking these designs in the coming months.

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Feathered dresses

If you are looking to making a statement during a lavish night out on the town, a little black dress simply won’t cut it. Thankfully, the iconic trend of boldly feather dresses and tops look to be on the rise.

Whether just the fringes of a dress or long top are feathered, or the entire piece of clothing is feathered is up to you. One thing you can be sure of is that when you step out, you’ll be making a fairly strong statement and will also be staying on style for this year’s trends.

Fashionable vests

While the term “borrowed from the boys” isn’t really anything to be proud of these days, stealing the vest look from men’s fashion was most definitely the right call for the spring and summer looks of 2020.

Don’t be surprised to see a sleek looking vest mismatched with jacket, skirt, or something fun and casual. While it’s originally part of a three-piece suit, your vest can be part of your new chic look.

Spring leather

Leather? In the spring and summer? You might think it’s absolutely crazy and somewhat out of left field, but perhaps that’s why it’s going to be so dang popular for the bravest fashion setters of the year.

And don’t expect simple colors like black, brown and white either. You are going to be seeing beautifully colored leathers mixed with everything from satin, to lace and more.


Now that you about some of the best fashions that are coming your way this spring and summer, it’s time for you to figure out what you need to start searching for and how you can integrate these bold new looks into your favorite.

Hopefully, this quick breakdown has you excited about all the great outfits you are going to be able to wear during the year’s most fun months.

Major Fashion Trends of Spring and Summer 2020