Look Your Best: Makeup Tips and Tricks You Can't Live Without
January 28, 2020

Look Your Best: Makeup Tips and Tricks You Can't Live Without

It's sometimes hard to get the look you're after when applying makeup. Learn some important makeup tips and tricks every woman should know.

Look Your Best: Makeup Tips and Tricks You Can't Live Without

We all want to look our best when we leave the house. Sometimes getting that perfect look isn't easy though. It requires a lot of knowledge and many products to get the perfect look. However, not everyone wants that hassle, so for the most convenient option they choose cosmetic tattoos to get the most desired look permanently. Unique Blendz contains information about the cosmetic tattoos to get the perfect look.

There are so many different trends and beauty looks out there it can be hard to know how to do it yourself. We have compiled a list of makeup tips and tricks that everyone should know. Keep reading to get the best tips for improving your look. 

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Everyone

There are so many beauty looks out there these days. From influencers to YouTubers it is hard to keep up.

If you have a hard time getting these beauty looks right, you need these tips and tricks to help you get it right. These looks are easy when you know the right tips and tricks.


Don't you know that if you love makeup you tend to have a lot of makeup products? This is true, because you will definitely love to collect different kinds of makeup products that you feel will make you more beautiful and confident wherever you will go. As a result, your makeup area will be a messy one! But if you have a makeup case from Luvo Store, that will be a great help. As this makeup case will make your makeup area more organized and tidy. And it will be easy for you to do your makeup style anytime of the day without hassle. 

Melt Your Pencil Liner

Pencil liners are a must for any of the eye looks, you can't get a good eye look without the perfect liner. Pencil liners usually come in a pencil, but they are cream makeups.

Cream makeups will glide and apply smoother when heated. To melt your pencil liner, hold the tip of the pencil above a flame. Be careful not to burn we only want it to be warm so it will glide over the eyelid. 

White Eyeliner Helps You Pop

If you want to use a lighter colored eyeshadow you can make it pop with a little white eyeliner. Eyeliner is not only for under the eyes.

Apply it over the entire eyelid and then apply your eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner. The white eyeliner will help intensify your shadow giving it a pop. 

Cat-Eye How-To

The cat-eye is a huge trend in the makeup world. It can be difficult to master though. One thing that will make it easier is using an outline. Use your eyeliner pencil to outline your cat eye, make it perfect.

It is much easier to remove the outline if you need to correct or start over. Once you have it perfect you can fill it all in and stay in the lines. Do your outline on both eyes and make sure they are even before you fill them in.

It's much easier to get that perfect look when you can practice with an outline and make adjustments. 

Use a Spoon

I know it may sound silly to use a spoon when applying makeup but hear me out. Using a spoon as a stencil can help you get the perfect curve for your eyeliner application.

Hold the spoon handle up to your eyelid to follow for a straight line. For cat eyes or extended line looks it's a great way to make sure your lines look good. Now flip it over to apply the top line and get that perfect curve. Follow along the edge of the spoon with your liner to make the perfect lines for your eye look. 

Hashtag Smoky Eye

The smoky eye seems like it should be easy. It may seem like applying some dark-colored shadows is all there is to it. It's a little harder than that, it can go bad quickly if you don't know how to do it right.

First, use a creamy liner to create a small hashtag symbol on the outside third of your eyelid on both sides. Now use a blender to smooth out the look. This will keep your look even on both sides and stop you from going overboard with the dark liners. 

Spoon on the Mascara

Grab that spoon you used in the eyeliner tip above. You can also use it as a shield when applying mascara. Slide it between your eyelashes and eyelid and apply your mascara with no worries. You can apply it easier and get good coverage. 

Saline Solution to the Rescue

Have you ever had your mascara dry up in the tube? First of all, a bonus tip only uses your mascara for three months tops. After that it's may collect bacteria that is not your friend.

If it dries up though before the three months are up, you can fix it. Put a couple of drops of saline solution in the tube and mix it with the brush. It will bring your mascara right back to life. 

Heat Up that Curler

Have you seen the heated eyelash curlers? Don't spend money on that when you can do it yourself with a blow dryer. It is super easy, hold your curler in front of your blow dryer until it is warm.

Now curl away. Be careful though, don't burn your eyelid! Make sure it is warm but cooled off a bit. Test it out on the back of your hand before you use it on your eye.

Bobby Pin Double Duty

Those bobby pins are everywhere, it seems like they multiply sometimes. Use the end of a bobby pin to apply your eyelash glue. Put a small dot on the tip of one of the ends and glide it across your eyelash. Make for easy application and fewer messes.

Make Your Own Lipstick

If you like to match your lip color to your eyeshadow, then this is the perfect tip for you. Don't run out and buy a new lipstick every time you change eye color. Keep some petroleum jelly on hand.

Mix a little bit of your eyeshadow and some petroleum jelly to have an instant lipstick. Apply to your lips to have that perfect complete look. 

Feel Like a Pro Makeup Artist

Using these little makeup tips and tricks will have you feeling like a pro. Get the perfect looks and feel confident in applying them with a little practice. These tips and tricks will make life easier as you get that perfect makeup application.

For more tips to look and feel your best check out our blog for more information.