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Know The Pearl Gemstone And Get Advantages From It

As a synonym for beauty, elegance, and purity, pearl gemstone carries profound meaning and amazing properties. Unlike other precious gems extracted or mined from the earth, pearl is formed in the depths of oceans. It is an organic gemstone made in the mollusks when it creates nacre layers over an irritant that enters its shell. This natural process adds a unique luster and sheen to the stone.

What makes pearls truly breathtaking is the variety you can find in this gem. Colors, luster, and shapes differ according to their origin. Let’s know more about the pearl varieties and their advantages in your life.

Pearl Types

A pearl gemstone can be found in freshwater or saltwater resources and can be cultured or natural. The natural pearls are formed when an organism enters the mollusk while in cultured pearls, a tissue piece or mother of pearl bead is injected to start the formation. The main type of pearls includes:

South Sea Pearls

Found in the French Polynesian Islands, South Sea pearls are known for their exceptional size. You can find this gemstone in sizes ranging from 9 mm to 20 mm in a variety of colors. They have the thickest nacre and a glowing luster. Golden, cream, and white are the most stunning colors you can find in South Sea Pearls.

Tahitian Black Pearls

Originating from Indonesia, Australia, and French Polynesian Islands, Tahitian pearls are admired for their unique black color and spectacular beauty. They carry a metallic tint while the color of the stone ranges from metallic silver to dark graphite with overtones of warm purple, green, and cold blue.

You can find nearly 40% of Tahitian pearls with a flawless round shape. No wonder they are highly recommended in the jewelry industry.

Akoya Pearls

With their white lustrous color and perfect round shape, Akoya pearls are the favorites among women. They originate from Japan and China where they are produced in a wide variety of shades ranging from dull dark to light dark white color.

Typically, Akoya pearls are round in shape with 2 mm size but you can find rare large sizes up to 10 mm too. With their perfect luster, they can reflect light and you can even dye this pearl to other colors like black.

Cultured Pearls

You can buy Cultured Pearls at a pearl farm where mollusks are bred until they can accept the mother of pearls bead nucleus to form the stone. It is a delicate procedure in which the bead is implanted into the mollusk and the mollusk is positioned back in the water and monitored until the pearl creates.

Not every mollusk will create a high-quality pearl through this method, and it can be cultivated in both freshwater and saltwater. The color of cultured pearls can vary from silver to white and cream.

These are some varieties of pearls that you can buy to enjoy the beauty and enigma of this gem. However, you should be careful when picking the pearl quality or you will end up paying more for a cheap cultured pearl.

Grading is an important factor for selecting precious and natural pearls. You should also prefer buying them from trusted stores like GemPundit offering all pearl types at affordable prices with grading certificates. Before you proceed though, know your reasons to buy this stone.

Pearl also brings many exceptional astrological benefits to your life. You can get the following advantages from this stone:

Enhances Your Confidence

By representing the soothing and calming planet Moon, pearls signifies a steady mind and inner confidence. You can wear this gemstone or carry it along to experience a surge of self-confidence and ability to tackle any challenges in life. It gives you serenity and a sense of calmness to understand the complex situations and make right decisions.

Controls the Hormones

Sometimes, your feelings and emotions get erratic and out of control. You need a rhythm and control over your feelings to make sound judgments. That’s where pearls help balance your hormones and align them with the lunar cycles to invoke your inner wisdom.

You will understand your true value through enlightenment and mental clarity. If life throws your challenges, pearl will help you rebuild with positivity and more confidence.

Brings More Love

Moon represents the feelings of love and compassion. So, when you wear pearl, you will feel these emotions flowing through your inner channels and warming your heart. This gemstone helps open communications for bringing harmony to strained relationships.

If you are single, you can wear this gemstone to find your love. It will open your heart and mind to accept new relations and feelings. Pearl can also evoke trust and reliability. When you intend to make a new start, this gemstone will balance your emotions and promote honesty in your actions. It will let you see the positive aspects of situations and help you nurture your relationships with a sense of stability.

Facilitates Chakra Healing

Like other gemstones, black pearls and all other varieties of this gemstone can heal and balance chakra energy in your body. It can stimulate the third-eye chakra and heart chakra for better living and understanding. When your heart chakra is out of balance, you may feel unwanted bouts of anger and jealousy.

Pearl balances the heart chakra and helps you realize your true worth. It also connects lower chakras with the higher ones to promote homeostasis. Hence, you will feel compassionate and get a better immunity, both physical and mental against negativities.

Third-eye chakra needs balance to keep you strong and intuitive. When this chakra is misaligned, you get oversensitive about the thoughts of others and get uneasy or impatient. But, pearl can improve your inner confidence and help you realize your accomplishments through intuitive perceptions.

Balances the Mind

Pearl has a unique calming aura that spreads around your and manage your fiery temperament. It controls moods swings and provides cooling energy that keeps you calm even during disturbing situations.

Apart from these benefits, pearls can also protect you from evils and cure digestive ailments while improving fertility and heart health. But, you have to choose the right stone to accomplish them. Be cautious and make the most of your money when pearl shopping.