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Jacket-Wear For All Times – Sports n' Style

Jackets are everywhere. They look great on everyone, regardless of age, for both men and women. We wear them on ordinary days, on casual events, and even on special occasions. They are comfortable to wear and among the most versatile wardrobe pieces, that’s why we love them.

However, not all jackets can be worn on different seasons. So, if you live in a place where there are four seasons (and an undesirable mash-up of weather can happen on any day), you definitely want a jacket that can go in-between.

Fortunately, there are sporty jacket styles and designs that are perfect for whatever season. These highly versatile jackets are not only adaptable to weather changes; they can also be mixed and matched with other fashion pieces for a more stylish look. Below are three of the best sports n’ style jackets that you can wear for all times.

Bomber Jacket

An equally popular sporty jacket, bombers have risen to fame thanks to Hollywood actors and fashion models, such as Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Eddie Redmayne, John Boyega, who flaunt their love for it.  

This year-round wardrobe piece gives you a laid-back, relaxed aura. You can wear it and simply go around wherever you want without worrying that your fashion statement is not suited.

Achieve a casual, street-wear look with a bomber jacket. Don it over any shirt, along with khaki or trousers, and complete the look with loafers. For sure, you’ll be a standout.

These bomber jackets come in different colors, fabric and styles. There are soft suede and technical fabric that looks classic and stylish. Then, there are also nylon and leather fabrics that are both comfortable and versatile.

Varsity Jacket

This sporty jacket style is loved by many, if not all of us. I bet you too have worn or owned a varsity jacket at least once in your life. It has easily become a part of our American culture.

For many years, varsity jackets have long held their history of elitism. But now, you don’t have to be an inducted Ivy Leaguer to wear one. There are tons of available options, designs, and styles that you can choose from.

Modish varsity jackets from VarsityBase can add to your youthful aura. You can even customize them to suit your fashion preferences. But still, the best thing about this jacket style is its versatility. You can don them on any weather. They can easily segue between stylish sportswear and smart-casual.

When choosing a varsity jacket, pick the one that highlights your core shape, meaning it should not be loose fitting. You should also go for one with simple, clean design without too much fanfare or flashy elements so they can be worn with other wardrobe items. The vintage look is a popular choice.

If you want a high end look, you can go with jackets made of premium fabrics such as wool, leather and suede. They have that sophisticated style but retain its flexibility. These premium jackets are pricier though. Alternatively, you can go with darker colors such as navy, black, brown, and grey which also looks high class but not as pricey.

Coach Jacket

Although not as popular as the first two jacket styles, the coach jacket is another sporty piece that can be worn year round. Popularly worn by sports coaches, it’s not surprising where it got its name.

This jacket puts practicality as a top consideration but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. It’s made of waterproof and lightweight material which makes it well suited for all four seasons.

Just like boxer and varsity jacket, the coach jacket also comes in many colors and designs. Classic coach jackets come with point collar, hip pocket and snap-button front with plain colors.

But now there are also modish coach jackets made of technical fabrics and use flashy designs. They retain the versatility and functionality alongside the redesigns. The coach jacket can be worn with any shirt, jeans, trousers, denims, or even khaki. Complete your sporty, streetwear look by wearing any tennis shoes.

If you’re shopping for something that can seamlessly transition in-between seasons, then these three jacket styles should be on your list. Check them out and find out which one best fits your fashion sense.


Jacket-Wear For All Times – Sports n' Style