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Is it Cheaper To Buy Loose Diamonds and The Engagement Rings Separately?

When buying a ring, many decisions can affect the outcome and cost of it. Many of you are even baffled by the idea of whether you should buy the diamonds separately and tailor-make your engagement ring or buy a pre-mounted engagement ring.

But is it worth going through the hassle of purchasing the diamond and setting it separately to customize your ring? The internet has drastically changed diamond shopping habits with advantages to buyers. One such change is the opportunity to buy loose diamonds and partner them with a beautiful setting to make a perfect ring.

Let us delve deeper into the facts of buying diamonds.

Let us first check the meaning of loose diamonds and whether it is cheaper to buy loose diamonds for your special engagement rings.

Loose diamonds for sale at Diamonds-USA are ready be purchased alone without any setting. These are purchased to be placed into an engagement ring or any other fine jewelry. However, some people wish to buy them for investment purposes.

The multiple benefits of buying loose diamonds for your engagement ring.

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Value for money

Loose diamonds for sale at Diamonds-USA have wholesale prices and save a considerable amount. It eliminates the retail mark-ups that increase the prices significantly.

Online opportunity

Online stores offer diamonds at a competitive price, thereby enabling you to save even more money. If you buy it from an online store that sells diamonds at a wholesale price, you can reduce steep mark-ups and avoid overpaying.

Certified diamonds

A sensible choice is to buy internationally certified loose diamonds from reputable shops and online stores. It assures you of the quality of the diamonds for your engagement ring.

Color and clarity

When it comes to verify the color and clarity, it is easier to assess accurately the color and clarity of loose diamonds only compared to pre-set diamonds. It is good to know what you are buying right from the offset.


Non Round diamonds have no official Cut grade; it is done merely by thumb rules of the trade.

Most popular diamond shape is the Round, opt only for Excellent or Ideal cut.

Second in popularity is the Oval, for best light performance opt for:

Depth 58% to 65%.

Table 54% to 64%.

You may use Idealscope reflectors and Hearts and Arrows viewers to assess the cut quality of loose diamonds. These tools give a thorough and accurate overview of the cut quality and light performance.

Selections of the diamonds

Buying a pre-set diamond engagement ring doesn’t give you the liberty to choose the setting of the diamond in the ring. However, choosing loose diamonds gives you plenty of freedom to select a specific style, quality, characteristics, and settings to create that perfect engagement ring.

This is how the browsing results page looks, below:

Engagement ring

With options to check each one ore compare few side by side.


Being able to tweak your diamond engagement ring settings allows you to work on your budget. Unlike a pre-set diamond engagement ring sold at a fixed price, selecting and choosing settings of your diamonds allow you to manage your money and see where it is being spent.


You can easily compare the characteristics of loose diamonds you get from a brick-and-mortar store with the ones you buy from online vendors. However, physical stores cannot compete with the variety offered by online stores. It gives you an opportunity to compare the 4Cs and prices and rule out unsuitable diamonds without difficulty.

However, it is always wise to buy loose diamonds from the right and genuine diamond seller. A reputed diamond seller assures you of the quality of the diamond and its outstanding service.

You may find several companies dealing only with GIA-IGI AGS HRD certified diamonds characterized as dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy. Choosing an authentic diamond seller assures you of supreme diamond quality but helps to find the types of diamond you are looking for in your ring.

Now the most obvious question that comes to the forefront is whether it is cheaper to buy loose diamonds and engagement ring separately.

Buying at a wholesale price only makes it cheaper; otherwise, it is not necessarily cheaper than their mounted equivalent. You may also discover amazing deals offered by online stores. Also, as mentioned earlier, buying it loose offers complete clarity and gives you control over your budget. You can use your money effectively while buying loose diamonds.

The quality characteristics influence the price. If you are opting for online purchases, use the diamond price charts and calculators to gain a better idea of how to set your budget and spend money on buying a diamond for your engagement ring.

Building your engagement ring gives you the opportunity to choose the cheapest diamond and the cheapest ring not necessarily from the same vendor. It helps you to understand what you are paying for. Indeed, it is a misconception that customizing a diamond engagement ring will be expensive. It is the safer and wiser choice.

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Solitaire ring mounting, image: Diamonds-USA