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How to Wear Your Cardigan Like Mary-Kate Olsen and Katie Holmes

You may have spent the entire summer busy getting sun-kissed, but as the temperature starts to drop, you want to get warm and cozy fast. It's already 60 degrees, and you've already dusted off your chunky knits, sat next to your fireplace with hot chocolate and a cozy warm blanket, anticipating the falling of snow. 

You may look like your grandma in your old cardigan, but did you know that this "old" staple is a huge trend this fall? Celebrities have their individual take on cardigans you can buy from cute boutique tops shops. 

Mary-Kate Olsen and her knotted sleeve cardigan

Last month, Mary-Kate Olsen made another fashion headline when she was spotted in NYC wearing black-structured pants, a zip-up hoodie, and black sandals. She complemented her look with round sunglasses and a cardigan wrapped around her waist.  

It wasn't only the cardigan that made onlookers and paparazzi take a double-take, but rather, it was the way she wore it. Mary-Kate knotted the sleeves of the cardigan and slipped herself through the sweater's neck hole and buttoned the bottom up to keep it steady. 

Sure, the cardigans became a trend when Bella Hadid showed a sexy way of single-buttoning it, but Mary-Kate gave everyone another brilliant and unique styling idea. 

What Mary-Kate showed is a layering trick fashion aficionados haven't thought of doing in the past. It surely made the onlookers wonder if there are other ways they can wear such a timeless wardrobe staple or which boutique sells cute boutique tops like that. 

With the cardigan on, Mary-Kate didn't need to wear any statement pants. The sweater served as her shirt, and without pants, she can sport another exciting look. 

Katie Holmes' fall cardigan fashion

Another A-list celebrity spotted sporting the grandma-like cardigan fashion is none other than Joey of Dawson's Creek herself, Katie Holmes. For a while, fashionistas have been wondering where Katie goes to, for her fall outfit shopping. 

Since the LBD Fashion Week, Katie has been breaking out pretty great outfits. From her matching sweater and bra to denim jackets, Katie surely knows how to stand out.  

And now, she's showing everyone that she's pretty much on board the latest fall cardigan trend. Every time she goes out, she shows a whole new way of wearing one. In a photo virally circulating on Instagram, Katie can be seen wearing a white staple on top of her denim jacket 

While everyone else would layer the denim over the cardigan, Katie did the opposite, and the fashionistas went crazy. They're digging this new look, claiming that they too will be layering their outwears like this as soon as they can.  

This is not the first time Katie amazed everyone with the way she wore her cardigan. On a different occasion, Katie was photographed wearing a gray cardigan over her matching gray bra. The way the sweater slightly showed-off her perfect shoulders broke the internet. Everyone might just be seen copying the look.  

Where can you shop for cardigans and other trendy tops?

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How to Wear Your Cardigan Like Mary-Kate Olsen and Katie Holmes