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How to Stylishly Transition Your Summer Shorts into Fall Outfits

Even if the summer temperatures are cooling off as autumn approaches, it does not mean you have to part with your favorite shorts just yet. Many stylish outfits would be perfect for autumn while still letting you hold onto the last bits of the summer season.

Summer Shorts into Fall Outfits

Hoodies and sweaters

According to Sanctuary, hoodies and sweaters are ideal for autumn, but they are also perfect for wearing with shorts for women. The best part is that there are options that are lightweight and also at various increasing weights, offering you the level of warmth you desire based on the temperatures.

A white or cream-colored sweater, with or without a pattern, is ideal for both seasons. An off-the-shoulder version still has some of that summer sexiness while supplying fall vibes. Gray and black sweaters or hoodies are also options that can work well, especially for nighttime wear.

Lightweight long-sleeve tops

Lightweight long-sleeve tops are great for day-to-night outfits when the weather tends to be warm during the day but starts to get chillier in the evening, especially as the days inch closer to autumn. For example, long-sleeve cotton tops, button-ups, and flowy blouses are some options to consider that can complement women's shorts of varying lengths.


Some days you may prefer to have one or more layers on top that you can put on and take off as the temperatures fluctuate. As reported by Sanctuary, jackets that are as fantastic for summer as they are for fall include denim jackets, bomber jackets, and leather jackets. Depending on their length, the jackets can look just as fabulous with shorts as they would with jeans and other types of pants.


If you are still devoted to wearing shorts but want a little extra warmth, tights can be a big help. They come in different thicknesses, with some being plain and others having patterns. Black is typically the best hue, considering their versatility.

LA-based brand Sanctuary said to try the tights out with the shorts before wearing them for an extended time. Some options are more comfortable to wear with shorts than others, so it is better to find out when you are home than while out and about.

High boots

Choose the right pair of high boots, and they can look fantastic with your summer shorts as you wear them into fall. Depending on their height, they can also offer some extra warmth to your legs, and you could wear them with or without tights.

Clothing brand Sanctuary reports that the style of boots you wear typically depends on the style and length of the shorts. Mid-calf, cowboy boots, and knee-high boots are three options that have the potential to look great with women’s shorts.

Warm shorts

On days when you know the temperatures are likely to dip, opt for wearing shorts that make you feel warm so you have a little extra protection against the weather.

Some shorts are warmer than others. For example, fleece shorts provide warmth but are also breathable, making them great for the in-between temperatures of summer going into fall. Some denim shorts also tend to make you feel cool, confident, and comfortable during summer while still providing warmth in the early stages of autumn.

However, keep in mind that the reason you are wearing them should also play a part. Chances are you will not want to wear shorts that make you feel warmer than usual during an intense workout, but you will want to wear them while doing an activity like hanging out on the boardwalk.


Few fabrics exude autumn vibes more than flannel. If fall is on the way and the weather is the perfect blend of chilly with a touch of summer heat, a flannel with shorts can be an ideal combo. Wear the flannel buttoned up, or wear it open with a black or white tank top or t-shirt underneath.

Flannel is available in a range of colors, so you could end the summer season with lighter hues like white with touches of grays or blues and work your way up to darker flannels like red and black or navy blue and red. Some flannels you might end up putting back in storage until next season depending on their coloring, but the darker options you can easily continue to wear into autumn and winter.

Fall hues

As summer starts to wind down and fall temperatures approach, it is time to incorporate more autumn hues into your outfits, even if you are still sporting shorts. For example, you can wear black leather shorts and a red sweater or a burnt orange turtleneck with denim shorts. It will also give you an excuse to add new fall and winter tops to your wardrobe that are versatile enough to wear with shorts as well as pants you are planning on sporting as the weather cools down.

Temperatures nowadays are rather unpredictable, so start planning your fall outfits that include shorts now so you still have plenty of time to wear them before it gets too cold. You will be fashionably ready for the hot and chilly temperatures and all the ones in between as you make your way from summer into fall. 

Transition Your Summer Shorts into Fall Outfits