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How to Style Your Anarkali for Parties

How to Style Your Anarkali for Parties

In consideration of the many parties that happen in different Indian cities. Whether they are personal or grand events the evergreen Anarkali is a trendsetter. Diwali parties, wedding parties, Sangeet parties, festivals among many others are some of which you need to give your Anarkali a makeover for.

There are a lot of innovative ways that you can incorporate to the Anarkali to make it the go-to sartorial style. As it comes in varying lengths such as knee length to floor length or extremely light or heavily embroidered.

The Anarkali never disappoints in how it makes you look and feel in it. Here are some ways to style your Anarkali and flaunt your way to parties.

Adorn it with palazzos

Now that palazzos are a fad. Try them with Anarkali and ditch the usual churidar and straight pants that are too monotonous. As fashion keeps on evolving online ethnic wears in India are also upgrading the styling options to fit every woman.

Using palazzos to style your Anarkali for a party is a great idea. This style complements the need for comfort every woman wants in her dressing. Meanwhile, the versatility of the palazzo is not only as bottom wear but many trendy designs can match with different Anarkali.

To add the zing in this combination, pair colored palazzos with dark-colored Anarkali and the contrast will give it a splendid look. Also, the flare it adds to your overall outfit and the relaxed-fitting will keep compliments flowing your way.

Cape it up

How to Style Your Anarkali for Parties

Today, Capes are a raging trend in fashion. Whether it is a fashion-forward cape or a simple cape. They make any ethnic or modern outfit look stunning. Apart from this, they favour anybody's frame and make you look stylish too.

A cape with your Anarkali is a win if you are attending a party. One of the beautiful choices is the sheer cape that is seen not only in Indian fashion but all over the globe.

The cape is common among social figures and it is replacing the place for the dupatta. Try a sheer cape with your Anarkali and see how incredible it looks. For instance, a cup sleeved Anarkali with a heavily embroidered sheer cape brings out that sassy look you crave for. You can choose one that is embellished differently to satisfy your personalities such as one with sequins, crystals or stones.

Slip-on a jacket

If a jacket can transform even the simplest of traditional attires to seem as designer couture, why not the Anarkali? Get party-ready by slipping on a jacket to your Anarkali and admire how elegant and regal you look.

The jacket also works to reinventing an old Anarkali to give it a brand new look. Make the look interesting from the intricately designed jacket to the heavily embroidered.

It transforms even plain Anarkali to a beautiful attire irrespective of length and the type of style jacket. The embellishments on the jacket may vary, however, those trending are Zardosi, metallic thread, phulkari and Kashmiri embroidery any of these are splendid choices. Choose a jacket in one of these embellishments and outshine the crowd at the party you are attending.

A new draping style

How to Style Your Anarkali for Parties

As much as you can wear your Anarkali as a gown with no bottoms or dupatta. Hold on to your dupatta for it is as effective to enhance your Anarkali look for your next party.

Without a doubt, there are many ways to drape a dupatta stylishly. Since it plays a significant role as you adorn to an Anarkali suit. Choose how to drape it to get a transformed look. Some of the unique dupatta draping styles are saree drapes, butterfly drape, double dupatta among other classy draping styles.

Try them beforehand to see which style charms the look of your Anarkali and go with it. Equally, you can try a more dramatic approach and have an attached dupatta to your outfit that will stay in place. After, you can get ready to rock the party with this easy yet glamorous Anarkali style.

Rock it with statement accessories’

Adorning to the Anarkali and forgetting your necklace and a pair of earrings makes the Anarkali look dull. Boost your fashion quotient by wearing a chunky neckpiece and a pair or gorgeous ethnic earrings. Such as the jhumkas or Kundan are ideal for your Anarkali.

Altogether with the chunky necklace, you get an instant boost to your outfit and at enhances your beauty as well. Choose these two accessories wisely to ensure that it complements your facial features not only the Anarkali. The shoes you pair with your Anarkali are part of the accessories as you style your look.

High heels and stilettoes are the common ones with every Anarkali. However, as your plan to attend a party with an Anarkali a pair of Jootis will favor in the dancing and mingling that is involved.

The western twist

How to Style Your Anarkali for Parties

As most Indian outfits have a western twist to them. It is not impossible to adorn the Anarkali as well with cut out shoulders, unique sleeves and cut designs at the back. To achieve this look best wear your Anarkali as a gown and avoid pairing it with any other thing.

This will maintain the focus on the western designs and have everyone drooling at you. Another western twist you can try is pairing your Anarkali with a flowing kurta and get ready to look glamorous at the party. Choose a simple modern hairstyle to have a complete western look.

To sum up, when it comes to styling an Anarkali more ways keep evolving as fashion grows. Other trends have left the market but the Anarkali is still evolving in various styles and designs. For instance, a waistcoat is feminine and enchanting and another way to style it.

The above incredible ways to spice up your Anarkali will enhance your look and fashion sense at any party you attend. Seek more inspiration from celebrities, fashion bloggers or you can get creative, you may surprise yourself!

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