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How to Style Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

When your hair is growing out it reaches a shoulder length and it seems that it stays that length for a very long time. It is too long to be left on its own, and it is too short for upswings, and many of the dramatic hairstyles. You may want to throw a towel over your head and hide your hair, or you may get discouraged and cut your hair short.

There are cute, sexy and fun things that you can do with medium length hair.

Learn to work the messy bun

One of the cutest things you can do to shoulder length hair is to throw it into a messy bun, and then let your bangs frame your face.

Pull your hair up like you were going to put it in a bun but do not try to brush out all of the wrinkles and pumpkins. When you get your messy bun in place, comb your bangs so they are smooth.

The smooth bangs against the messy style will accent your face.

How to Style Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

Invest in barrettes

A sleek way to style your hair is to comb a small section from the top on each side back and clip a barrette in place to hold the hair. You want to make sure that the hair is sleek and has no pumpkins.

You can get smaller barrettes that match and use them to pull the front portion of your hair back so that it is lifted above your ears.

Move those bangs

If you are wearing your bangs straight over your forehead you need to start moving the bangs and creating dramatic effects.

Sweep the bangs to either side or part the bangs and use them like wispy wings on the side of your head.

The ideal is to do different things with your bangs and let them showcase your hairstyle.

Don’t Forget the Ponytail!!

Sweep your hair up into a sleek and tight ponytail. This allows the natural shape of your face to be accepted. If you want to dress the ponytail up tie a scarf around it. Curl your bangs under slightly and the look will be too cute.

Think 50’s class

You can curl the ends of your hair so that it flips up. Then simply comb your bangs down softly over your forehead. This style has worked beautifully on women like Jackie O and Mary Tyler Moore.


Think Janis Joplin and braid a small section of hair on each side of your bangs. At the end of the braids, you can use a decorative clip or feather, or you can tie them off with a rubber band and let them blend into the rest of your hair. Your hair will not be sweeping into your face, and the braids will create a decorative touch.

Let it be Free

So many times we overthink our hair. We run flat irons across it to make it straight as a board, we curl it and do everything under the sun to change the hair that we have. The cutest hairstyle with bangs that you can have is when you allow your hair to hang naturally.

Your hair is your crown and glory and you need to learn to love it. When you learn to embrace the hair you have and accept that you are a beautiful and unique woman, then you will be able to start to develop specific styles that bring out your very best features.

You might even learn to love the length it is so much that you forget about growing it longer.

How to Style Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs

How to Style Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs