How to Safely Remove Your Lash Extensions
August 29, 2022

How to Safely Remove Your Lash Extensions

If you’re a beginner to eyelash extensions or DIY lash extensions, or you’ve simply never removed your lash extensions on your own before, you may be on the lookout for some advice. How long do eyelash extensions normally last? If you’re removing them, is it possible for you to know how much of their lifespan you might be cutting off? How do you remove them safely? And what if you want to reuse them?

Eyelash extensions, even if they’re DIY lash extensions, can be relatively easy to remove. But if you want to remove your extensions and use them again in the future, you might need to do a little extra preparatory work before you get started. If you need help, we have a few tips and tricks you might find helpful. For our complete breakdown, please continue reading!

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Depending on how well you are able to apply your DIY lash extensions, or how well you prepared before your extension appointment, your extensions could theoretically last up to six weeks. This is because your eyelashes regrow on a six-week cycle, meaning the glue used for DIY lash extensions could essentially be considered permanent.

However, especially if you used makeup products or introduced other sources of oils to your lashes before they were applied, you may cut down on the life of your lash extensions. If you’re interested in elongating how long your lashes normally last, you may want to look into eyelash conditioner. Some products are formulated especially for making lash extensions last longer, which can be extraordinarily helpful.

If you’re planning on cutting this six-week cycle short, you may be in need of a few tips for safe removal. This could especially be the case if you’re planning on reusing your extensions in the future to cut down on costs.

How to Safely Remove Lash Extensions

Whether your extensions were applied by a professional beauty technician, or they were DIY lash extensions you put on at home, the process for removing them safely is relatively simple. Additionally, you may not need to leave the house to find a solvent that works for you, especially if you aren’t planning on reusing your lashes later.

You can safely remove eyelash extensions by dipping a cotton ball or makeup removal pad into a body-safe oil, like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil. If you’re allergic to coconut, you may want to use one of the suggested alternatives. Then, gently swipe the cotton ball or pad onto your upper and lower lashes. This should work as a solvent on the glue almost immediately, allowing the extensions to slip off of your lashes very quickly.

While you’re removing your extensions, please be careful to avoid getting the oil into your eye. This can be dangerous and quite painful, so we strongly recommend working cautiously. If at all necessary, you can carefully swipe the cotton ball or makeup removal pad across your lashes with your eyes closed. If you get any oil in your eye, immediately wash it out with cool to warm water. In the case irritation doesn’t subside, please seek medical attention.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions You Want to Reuse

If you want to reuse your eyelash extensions after you’ve removed them, you may need to make a small investment into something that is safe and helps to maintain the overall quality of the extensions. There are some companies that sell DIY lash extensions you can apply at home that also sell solvents for removal.

If you’re interested in reusing your lash extensions, we recommend searching these companies that sell safe formulas and explicitly state their extensions can be reused after they’ve been removed with their solution. Once you’ve acquired a solvent that is extension friendly, you can follow a similar set of steps to those described above.

Using a cotton ball or makeup removal pad, dip into the solvent and gently swipe across your upper and lower lashes. Again, be sure to practice caution while you’re doing so. If any of the solution gets into your eye, wash it out with cool to warm water immediately. In the case irritation does not subside, please seek medical attention.

If you prefer, some of these solvents also come with applicator brushes, which you can also use. If you want to use the applicator brushes, you may still need to use a cotton ball or pad in order to safely and easily remove the extensions from your face. Alternatively, if you’re careful enough, you may be able to safely remove the eyelash extensions with clean fingers.


If you’re new to eyelash extensions, or simply wanted to ensure you were removing your extensions safely, we hope you found our suggestions helpful. Eyelash extensions can be reused a few times after removal, but only if you treat them with care before, during, and after the removal process. Whatever your reasoning for removing your extensions early, we hope you had a positive experience with your DIY lash extensions!