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How to Make Women's Socks an Essential Part of Your Daily Style

Socks aren’t what they used to be. There was a time not so long ago when socks were only available in black and ankle-height options. Fortunately, those days are in the distant past.

Today, there’s such a proliferation of different styles and functionality in women’s socks and leggings that there’s bound to be a good option for everyone. Socks can add a bit of edge to your regular wardrobe, and because there’s a great selection of socks for more than reasonable prices, there’s no reason not to have as many of them as your wardrobe requires.

Though they’re often viewed as nothing more than functional items, wearing them properly can allow you to enjoy better comfort and prevent smelly feet in style. That being said, here are four expert tips to help you ladies incorporate these wonderful garments into your daily wardrobe:

Prioritize Comfort

Throughout history, women have paid a great price to achieve beauty, or what is considered ‘beauty’ in their own respective cultures. Modern women, however, need not fall into that same trap. While there are definitely some very fashionable socks out there, they are not worth suffering over.

With that in mind, the best fabrics to choose for daily-wear socks are synthetics such as acrylic or nylon for their breathability and comfort. If you pick a pair that’s made of the wrong fabric, your socks may end up absorbing moisture instead of wicking it away, potentially resulting in blisters or chafing.

If you’re interested in natural options, there’s also an extensive selection of socks made from bamboo or merino wool fabric. Socks made from bamboo, in particular, are increasing in popularity since they have natural antibacterial properties and won’t trap moisture.

Complement Your Wardrobe

Have you ever picked up socks in a befuddled state of stress-induced shopping only to find out you didn’t have the right clothes to pair them with?

When buying any type of clothing, it’s essential to have a clear image of the look you want to pull off. Take a look at your closet before doing any kind of shopping. That way, when you see a pair of socks, you can more easily recall how it would look with something you already have or are planning to buy.

Own Different Types

The market for socks is saturated with different designs, types, and fabrics. People ought to use that to their advantage, especially because many individuals often turn to their wardrobe for that much-needed confidence boost to tackle the world.

If you’re planning on getting new socks, now’s the best time to check your closet to see which ones you’re really missing.

Here’s a quick guide on the types of socks every woman should have at least one pair of:

  • Half socks - Want to wear your favorite pair of open-heeled shoes without getting blisters or smelly feet? You’ll be happy to know that it’s possible with half socks, also known as toe toppers.
  • No-show or slip-on socks – These are ideal for ballet flats or low-cut loafers. They offer a seamless look while keeping the socks completely hidden from view. Also, check out liner socks and sport socks to see other no-show or slip-on options.
  • Ankle socks - These socks sit low on the ankle and can be used with your favorite loafers, low-cut shoes, or boat shoes.
  • Low quarter socks - These add a relaxed vibe while keeping blisters at bay. They’re highly recommended to pull off that sophisticated, classy look.
  • Crew socks or boot socks - These offer great protection for outdoor activities and are perfect with hiking boots and other types of boots. A pair of these can provide you with the insulation and warmth that your feet need during the colder months of the year.
  • Mid-calf length socks - They’re usually made of wool for good insulation and are available in designs ranging from fashionable to quirky.
  • Long socks - These socks can be up to your calves, knees, or thighs. They’re great for skirts and dresses and keep you nice and warm in the cold season.

Show Your Personality

Statement socks have been big in the fashion industry for many years. There are so many trend-driven styles to choose from that it almost makes no sense to conceal socks. Logomania, for example, is making a comeback, where shoppers are showing an increased appetite for wearing items splashed with their preferred brand’s logo.

Whichever style you embrace, the right socks can greatly enhance it. The colors and patterns you choose should allow you to express your unique sense of fashion. There are really no rules, at the end of the day, as long as you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.

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Make Women's Socks an Essential Part of Your Daily Style

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