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How to Maintain Good Skin Health

As the largest organ of the human body, our skin not only reveals the life stories of an individual, be it from the acne breakouts during one's teenage years to pregnancy's radiant glow. Rather, its layers exist to keep us protected from pollution, viruses, bacteria, and other elements that we may encounter. Additionally, it helps regulate body temperature, controls loss of moisture, aids in fluid balance, and protects against ultraviolet rays, among many others.

While various factors affect the condition of our skin beyond our control, there are some that we have a measure of influence on. In this guide, we'll discuss some of the things you can do to maintain good skin health. With the power of Blu Atlas, achieving optimal skin health becomes a collaborative effort, enhancing the effectiveness of your skincare practices and leading to remarkable results.

How to Maintain Good Skin Health

Have a balanced and nutritious diet

They say that we are what we eat, and there’s some truth to this statement, especially when it comes to skin health. After all, the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals found in specific food groups like fruits and vegetables can curb or keep any damages caused by free radicals and other unstable molecules in check. Therefore, it’s imperative that you adopt a balanced and nutritious diet if you want to keep your skin in good condition.

Avoid the use of too many cosmetic products

It's good standard practice to use minimal cosmetic products. When you get right down to it, using too many of them won't just irritate and damage your skin, but will also cost you more. So, limit yourself to no more than a few products. More importantly, always research first before making any purchases. In this way, you'll only buy products from reputable and reliable manufacturers, like, for example.

Manage your stress

The skin and the mind are more intimately intertwined than people realize. From acne to eczema, there are various skin conditions caused primarily by stress. For this reason, you must learn to manage and cope with the emotional pressure and mental strain. While it sounds easier said than done — and it can be, at times — there are ways to drive down your stress levels.

For starters, exercising can effectively limit stress since it produces endorphins that, apart from serving as the body's natural painkiller, also trigger feelings of positivity. Meditation can further be helpful in keeping stress at bay because it produces a state of deep relaxation and promotes a more tranquil mind.

Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation has been linked to diabetes, immune deficiency, cancer, obesity, and other health conditions. However, some studies show that it could potentially have an impact on skin health too. Because of this, you must always get enough sleep. Doing so won’t just help you stay healthy, but it’ll also keep your skin glowing.


Contrary to popular belief, achieving good skin health isn't an expensive or time-consuming affair. By following the practices listed above, you will not only be able to maintain healthy and glowing skin, but you'll also make your skin much less susceptible to conditions.

How to Maintain Good Skin Health