How To Incorporate Denim into Your Outfit
April 13, 2022

How To Incorporate Denim into Your Outfit

Think back to the 19th century when someone created denim. Nowadays, denim is a staple wardrobe piece for many. However, no one could have predicted the popularity of the timeless piece - a fabric type that would keep its renowned status as the years went on.

Denim can be a magical fabric to wear. However, clothes made with it can take on properties like color changes as the fabric ages and fades. As a result, every denim piece is one-of-a-kind but also everchanging. Its textured nature only serves to make it more daunting. As we all know, when it comes to denim, some people don’t know what to do with it or how to incorporate the fabric properly into their existing attire. But it doesn’t haven’t to be the forbidden fruit of materials.

Any outfit can easily pair with denim - whether a foundational piece of the ensemble or an accessory. With its unique texture, denim can be great for an outer or base layer, such as a jacket, jeans, or skirts. Also, don’t overlook its utility as an accent piece, as it can be used as unconventional material for bracelets, earrings, and more.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite uses for denim below. There will be something for almost any style and taste; feel free to take inspiration for your outfits however you see fit!

Denim Jackets

Denim has always been a hip material. Yet, nothing remains as cool as the classic jean jacket. Jean jackets are great for chilly (but not cold) weather when they can effectively function as an outer layer that buffers against the wind — while still making the wearer look incredibly cool.

With decorative elements such as patches, pins, or brooches, jean jackets are easily customized. These items are an easy way to personalize your coat further to reflect your unique personality and style.

Want to wear a jean jacket in colder weather? Look for jackets with a fleece or down lining for a warmer, softer, and more comfortable version of the jean jacket. Some people prefer the look that such jackets have as well.

Denim Skirts

Our last entry in the denim fashion catalog is skirts. If your mind runs to early-2000’s Britney Spears when you think of a denim skirt, fear not; there are less bold alternatives than her famous denim dress. Some denim skirts could be considered understated, such as this black denim skirt that would pair well with a simple white or patterned blouse.

Denim Tunics

If you’re looking for an alternative outer layer to the classic jean jacket, why not give a denim tunic a try. Tunics are typically high collared and can end at around the mid-thigh, though some versions may be slightly shorter or longer. Historically this is the style of shirt that wealthier knights wore as a base layer, though these days, tunics are more decidedly feminine.

You can easily pair bottoms with vibrant patterns and tunics for a more bright look. Conversely, dark bottoms and a neutral top create a more subdued vibe. Longer tunics are the perfect thing to throw on for grabbing coffee or doing some light gardening on a hot summer’s day.

Denim Pants

There is much more to pants and denim than your conventional blue jeans. Besides the typical indigo, denim is now regularly dyed to make jeans of almost any color under the rainbow. As a result, it isn’t unusual to see denim in various vibrant pinks, yellows, or reds.

Of course, with more color options comes more potential for clashing, so it’s essential to pay attention to complementary colors to ensure your outfit matches well. Avoiding other fabrics with vibrant textures (such as corduroy) when dressing in denim is also good.

Denim Accessories

It should be clear that denim is a very versatile fabric, so its use in accessories such as rings and bracelets should come as little surprise. Even something as simple as a denim headband or scrunchie can be a fun way to add a different texture to an otherwise demure look.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when repurposing used denim pieces. For example, you can easily reuse the fabric from a jacket or pants that have otherwise seen better days. One of the most creative repurposes of denim can be a covering for a cheap pair of chunky plastic hoops. This YouTuber has a video full of more involved projects - for those who are already do-it-yourself (DIY) pros.

Denim However You Like It!

Clearly, the options when it comes to incorporating denim into your outfit are nearly endless. From headbands to skirts, there are steps big and small that anyone can use to get denim into their wardrobe. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired to give this fabric another look — so you can see how rugged and versatile denim could be put to work, making you look good!