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How To Hide Your Belly With The Right Clothes? (The Most Stylish Tips)


How would you like to make the most of how you look? With the right clothes, you can get a little bit extra of that tummy control you’ve always wanted. It’s simple, easy, and 100% effective.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Lots of women appreciate a little bit of lift or support in the bust or buttocks. If women can wear push-up bras and butt-lifting leggings. Why can’t you wear something for extra tummy control?

Lucky for you. The industry is brimming with incredible shapewear. Especially shapewear for lower stomach is all the rage. It flattens out those bumps and bulges in your tummy area. Offering you more than just shaping, but confidence and ease of mobility.

However, if you want more options on how to hide your belly. These are perfect ways to hide your belly fat with the help of clothes.

What to Wear to Hide Belly Fat?

1. Wear high-rise waistline jeans/pants


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Did you know that a mid- to high-rise waistline can cinch your waist? It won’t actually shed your waist size. But changes the appearance of your waistline. This is really helpful when you have belly fat.

High-waisted jeans and pants give you an incredible slimming look. Do not forget to take your proper measurements. Not all high-rise jeans fit the same as mid-rise or low-rise jeans.

2. Wear breathable fabrics

Avoid wearing lycra, satin, or jersey fabrics. If you think they look good, you’d be shocked by how awful they feel against the skin. Such fabrics cling to the skin in the most awkward and unattractive manner.

It’s as if they attract all the attention to your problem areas. Look for fabrics that have a bit of stretch and lightness in them. Such as cotton, wool, or velvet. They have more forgiving skin and won’t cling to yours even if the climate fluctuates.

3. Wear shapewear for lower stomach


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If you imagine shapewear to be tight and awkward - not all of them like that. You can wear shapewear under casual and fancy outfits. They come in the form of briefs, bodysuits, and even high-rise shorts.

And all of them promise incredible tummy control. If you have a muffin top, it protrudes over jeans, right? There’s no way around it. Even if you wear a slightly loose pair of pants. Your stomach is still going to stick out.

A great solution is Spanx shapewear. The fit is superb and supportive. You can buy from a variety of sizes. From the mid-thigh up to your navel or higher. Shapers are great in that they smooth every fold or bulge. And you won’t lose your breath over it!

What’s the best kind of tummy control shapewear? You can buy mid-thigh shapewear that smooths your stomach and your thighs. Of course, you can go for the standard brief type shapewear. They offer incredible tummy control too.

Lots of actors and models and actresses endorse a slimming tank top as shapewear. It shapes your bust region, upper and lower stomach areas. And it’s the perfect thing to wear at work. Because shapewear does have a bad reputation of rolling up while sitting.

4. Wear tummy control leggings

Choosing the right leggings that tuck your stomach in can be difficult. Not every stretchy pair of leggings offers tummy control. And not every tummy control leggings are comfortable.

You need a stretchy and solid fabric. You can buy either capris or full-length leggings. A high-rise waistline is just as important. It must have a super soft and opaque texture. Such leggings are great for your daily walks and lounging.

Such leggings are also perfect for yoga and exercise. They wick away moisture, stay dry, and smell odorless. The high rise waistline tucks your stomach in. So your lower stomach doesn’t bulge out which generally happens in low-rise leggings.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, this might seem a bit too excessive for you. Buying clothes that target your belly fat to hide it. Having said that, such fashion trends have been around for a while.

They’re effective and endorsed by not just actors, models. But by real women too! So what do you think of it? You can get your hands on incredible outfits once you know how to hide your belly with the right clothes. Shapewear, high-rise jeans, and tummy control leggings. These can transform the way you dress for work and play.

And all those clothing items you’ve saved for the time you can look good in them. Wearing them right away is the best feeling. You don’t have to wait anymore!

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How To Hide Your Belly With The Right Clothes