How To Get The Most Natural-Looking Lashes
September 23, 2022

How To Get The Most Natural-Looking Lashes

Some trends may come and go, but one lash look will remain a classic forever. The ‘natural’ fake eyelashes is a style adored by millions across the globe. From professional settings to special events, natural lashes can suit every occasion. In this article, let’s explore what are the most natural false eyelashes and how to get natural-looking lashes for your clients. 

Natural-Looking Lashes

Why Natural Lashes?

Let’s begin by answering the question - why choose natural lashes? With so many adventurous lash sets available, the natural-looking lashes are still on top of the popularity chart. And here’s why. This eyelash extension style is very versatile, classic and accommodating for most. Whether your client is searching for an office-friendly lash set or wants their eyes to make a subtle statement, the natural lash style is the way to go. 

But that’s not all. Natural-looking false eyelashes for small eyes is also a great option for those wanting bigger and brighter eyes! If you have a new client hesitant to try bold lash sets at first, recommend them the natural eyelash look to get them started on their lash journey! 

How To Get Natural-Looking Lashes

Every lash style has its specific application technique. Soft dimensions and balanced lengths along the lash line is the key to creating natural lashes. Keep the inner lashes very short, then slowly increase lash length for middle lashes, and finally add thick and full fans for the outer lash corners. 

Artists are often asked ‘what are the most natural false eyelashes? While everyone has their professional preference, many recommend working with B or C-curl eyelash extensions. These lash fans have softer curls, are almost undetectable next to natural eyelashes and look amazing with 1-2 layers of mascara!

How To Cut Natural-Looking Lashes

Up next, let’s discuss how to cut false eyelashes to look natural. It’s not necessary to get started with pre-cut lash fans. You, as a lash artist, can showcase your professional skills by cutting false eyelashes yourself! 

First, lay out all the lash fans you will be using on your client. Next, start by cutting the inner and middle lash line fans in an upward diagonal direction. As we’ve mentioned, the inner lashes should be the shortest, with the middle and outer lashes should carry some length. Then, compare your recently-cut lashes to the untouched lash fans. 

See if all the lashes align perfectly in a symmetrical length, or if the outer lash fans might also need a small trim. Finally, consult your client to get the final seal of approval and you are ready to begin the application!

Application Process

Now that the natural-looking lashes have been cut, it’s time to prep the client’s lashes. Start by cleaning the natural eyelash hairs with lash foaming shampoo. This step will ensure that excess body oils, debris and build-up have been removed from the client’s lashes.

Next, apply small drops of lash primer onto the lash line and let the product dry. This preparation routine is essential for better mink eyelash extension retention and to help lash artists confidently respond to important questions such as “can false eyelashes ruin your natural ones”?

Then, begin to slowly attach the inner and middle lash line fans to the natural lashes. Take your time crafting lash sets, don’t rush and go back anytime for minor adjustments. Lastly, attach the outer corner fans and your natural-looking eyelash extension design is finally completed! 


Natural-looking eyelash extensions are fan-favorite and true staple styles of the lash world. Mastering the application technique secrets can help you craft picture-perfect natural lashes and book more clients in the future!