How To Find a Good Quality Mascara
March 26, 2019

How To Find a Good Quality Mascara

It is not an unknown fact in the tradition of applying makeup that a good mascara alone can save the day for you; even if you have no eye-makeup on, not even the least of an eyeliner, a mascara that defines both your lower and upper eyelashes equally is nothing less than magic if you want to create a statement. Here are a few things that must be kept in mind while choosing a mascara to ensure of quality.

Effect on the volume:

The most important task of a mascara is to increase the volume of your eyelashes; now the volume applied is a matter of choice; some of us like bold lashes, while others prefer to keep it subtle. Choosing a mascara that is not too stiffening will help you build up on it as per your requirements. The more and thicker the bristles, the more voluminizing they are. Keep in mind that in an attempt to get fuller eyelashes, you do not make it look artificial; therefore dab off the extra mascara from the band into the tube before applying it.

Lengthening effect:

Check for the amount of length that the mascara is adding to your eyelashes; this choice would be ideal for people with short eyelashes. The easy way to identify if your mascara will be able to add length or not is checking the bristles of the wand; if the bristles are considerably close to each other and short in length, they are bound to ensure that the formula is applied from the very root of the lashes so that each and every one of them is coated equally. When the mascara works perfectly at adding both volume and length to your eyelashes you do not need to go for artificial extensions.


The indispensible responsibility of a mascara, that is curling, must be taken very seriously; this function mainly depends on the wand of application. The more bent it is, the easier it becomes to cover the entire area of the lashes in a single stroke. A cone lash will help you achieve this end better when compared to a flat one as the bristles will bend the lashes along with them during the application; drying and keeping them in their place immediately after it is applied.   


The next crucial thing to consider in a mascara is the amount of pigmentation that the formula has. Nowadays, there are a lot of coloured mascaras available in the market just to give you that edge. Try and look for the intensity of colour that it is adding to your lashes at one go. When the mascara is highly pigmented and somewhat thick in consistency, it will require a single stroke of application to add the desired tint and a tube of it will last you for a really long time consequently cutting down your expenses.


The mascara that you are willing to apply must have a long-stay power and not get washed off easily; therefore check if the formula is waterproof because you do not want to end up with dark eyes as a result of the mascara smudging. For example, if you are at a close friend’s wedding, and there is no way you can stop your tears, there is no way you want the tears to wash away your mascara along with your inhibitions. Therefore, carefully read the details of it before purchasing.

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