How To Dress Elegant For An Evening Gala? Best Tips & Ideas
January 21, 2022

How To Dress Elegant For An Evening Gala? Best Tips & Ideas

How To Dress Elegant For An Evening Gala? Best Tips & Ideas


A gala is a big formal party. Typically held to support charity events or celebrate special shows or festivities, such coveted events call for fanciest ball gowns or evening dresses. In other words, we can say, “It’s like a prom for adults!”

Getting invited to an evening gala is not an everyday thing, so attending it can be a highlight of the year. However, figuring out the perfect ensemble for the occasion seems like a daunting task. You have to consider many things to find a gala-appropriate evening dress to look elegant. But fret not; we’ve got you covered!

Here is your go-to guide to know what and how to wear to make a splash the moment you walk through the door.

How To Dress Elegant For An Evening Gala? Best Tips & Ideas

Dress Codes For Evening Gala

Unlike regular parties, a gala is a formal event that often features dinner, entertainment, dance, and in some cases, an auction. There are different dress codes for evening galas, based on which you can shop for your perfect dress or gown.

  • White Tie Dress Code

A white tie is a type of event where you have to strictly wear formal attire like full-length ball gowns or a-line dresses. Of course, you can accessorize your dress with opera gloves to create a sophisticated royal statement for the evening.

  • Black Tie Dress Code

It is the most common type of gala dress code, which requires you to wear a high-class, graceful dress. Nevertheless, you can have the freedom to go a little sizzling in a cocktail dress or your favorite LBD.

Though black is the preferred color for black-tie attire, you can also play with darker shades to create your own style.

  • Black Tie Optional Dress Code

“Black tie optional” is similar to the black-tie dress code but with more freedom of choice. Depending on the look you want to create, you can choose full-length evening gowns, midi cocktail dresses, or dressy pantsuits, no matter the color.

  • Semi-Formal Dress Code

A semi-formal dress code is a lot more fun; you get to dress up in your best-loved LBD, dressy skirt outfit, or short cocktail dress. Homecoming is the perfect example of a semi-formal event where you can flaunt your bold side while still looking elegant.

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How To Dress Elegant For An Evening Gala? Best Tips & Ideas

Things To Keep In Mind While Dressing Up For An Evening Gala

If you know your gala dress code, you shouldn’t hesitate to start planning your ensemble early. While doing so, keep in mind these additional things to pull off your gala look:

#1. Choose An Appropriate Outfit

As you already know, the gala is unlike any other party or bash, so you ought to maintain the event's formality while appearing classy. We suggest you choose the outfit in line with your dress code and ensure to style it subtle yet stylish.

Remember, it’s common to see your workplace friends, future business partners, business tycoons, or other professional people at the evening gala. That being said, it is an absolute must to doll up in the best formal dress.

#2 Be Aware Of How Much Skin You Show

It’s a formal evening; you have to maintain a reputation of being formal through your style. Thus, no matter how passionate you are about wearing your favorite red-carpet styles, avoid them if they are too revealing.

Although, it’s fine to show some skin if the dress code is black tie optional or semi-formal. But you have to make sure to balance it out. For example, if your evening gown has a plunging neckline, pairing it with a long necklace can be a great styling trick.

How To Dress Elegant For An Evening Gala? Best Tips & Ideas

#3. Look For The Dress That Flatters Your Body

Knowing your body type is the key to finding the perfect designer dress for your gala. So, ensure to snap up the ‘ONE’ that is tailored to your silhouette and flatters your body shape.

Here are examples of the best dress styles according to your body shape:

  • Hourglass: If you have proportionate hips and bust and a well-defined waist, you should wear form-fitting dresses like sheath, mermaid, or trumpet. The ‘ONE’ with v-neck or open neckline is a bonus for you.
  • Pear: Pear body shape means you’ve larger hips and thighs but a thinner upper body. Go for dresses that add volume to your upper half to create a perfect balance. These include a line or full skirt ensembles with a strapless or v-neckline.
  • Apple: Heavy midsection, undefined waist, and slim legs are characteristics of apple body shape. If you’ve got it, pick the outfit that draws attention to your upper body. A-line, empire waist, and belted styles are perfect for you to create an illusion of hourglass shape.
  • Rectangle: An athletic or rectangular shape refers to the body that is narrower in hips than in shoulders. It tends to have a non-defined waist and narrow shoulders. Therefore, cherry-pick dresses like fit and flare, belted, ruched, and puff-sleeved to balance the upper and lower half of the body.

#4. Stay On The Frontline Of Trends

Yes, evening gala dress codes are strict and formal, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with trends. Look for evening gowns and dresses that are all in rage, like floral applique, feather fringes, sequin, and enchanting beads.

To learn more about the latest fashion trends, you can go through social media and celebrities’ magazines or read online fashion blogs from authorized authors.

How To Dress Elegant For An Evening Gala? Best Tips & Ideas



Being invited to an evening gala is nothing less than an opportunity; you get to socialize with professionals and strike a pose in an elegant evening dress of your choice. We hope our guide to finding the right dress for an evening gala will help you make it all come true.

Dress up elegantly & enjoy your evening like never before!