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How To Do Perfect Summer Make Up?

Summer makeup should always be done in such a way that it should enhance the natural beauty and accentuating what one has.

So, with the right technique and with the right products, one can easily achieve that. So, when one is doing summer makeup, they need to let the skin breathe properly.

One needs to do the summer makeup carefully because the sweat always tries to work against it. If one keeps the makeup light, then they can lead to some beautiful results during summers.

Here are some major summer makeups tips that one needs to follow:

  • One has to swap the heavy foundation with a tinted BB cream which is slightly moisturised. This is because; as the sun rays become stronger, the heavy makeup formulas will not work, and it will turn the makeup to a messy clump. The foundation on face will become oily and sticky after a few hours. But BB creams are very light and it will stay for longer without creating any sweat.
  • In order to get long-lasting makeup, one can go for a hydrating face mist or some refreshing face setting spray. This can help one to survive through the heat and humidity.
  • In summers, one needs to forget the contour. Let the beautiful face and skin shine in summer. To get the perfect sun-kissed glow, one can try the peach or brown shaded toned bronzers that can add some depth to the face.
  • In order to give the cheeks a kiss of warmth, one can use some summer blush colours. This can easily hold up to the warm weather. Also, the blush pairs up very well with a proper bronzer. The blush and bronzer combined together can warm up the complexion, and it gives one a perfect summer look. They are also very light and easy on the skin pores.
  • For an evening look, one can go for some wild colours. One can warm up the eyes with some shimmering gold, sea green, burnt orange or earthy brown. One should also not forget the eye primer. The cream eye shadow base can also help to stop the colourful shadow pigments from sliding over the eyelid. This helps to beat the humidity.
  • One needs to go for waterproof makeup in summer because the sultry weather may melt the regular and normal makeup. One can also add some voluminous lashes because it is fun during summers. One can try some waterproof mascara and very bold and dark eyeliner. This can beat the sizzling summer heat, but one will need time to take it off later. Reinvent the cat eye with bold pops of colour, crispier defined lines, and edgier shadows. Play up your eyes with voluminous faux lashes.
  • Try to go for nude lip colours in the morning and dark ones in the evening.

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How To Do Perfect Summer Make Up?