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How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

Skin care is not a new concept even though in recent times this has surfaced almost like a rave. Even during the ancient time's skin care was a part of a person’s daily health routine. And that’s exactly the reason why we have these ancient home-remedies fresh and smooth healthy skin.

And of course we all remember the famous Geishas of Japan; they are not just famous for their kimonos but also for their skincare routines which have today once again resurfaced in the form of new beauty regimes.

We all are aware of the significance of healthy skin, that glowing skin can make you look glamorous even in your simplest cotton maxi dress. And that is what all your favourite beauty bloggers improvise and promote.

How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

Let’s look through the famous ancient beauty regimes and then we can explore some of our own grandmother beauty regimes.

Geisha’s beauty secrets:

  1. Geisha’s beauty secrets are no more secret and for that, we owe greatly to skincare lines like Tatcha. Back in the time, that is, around the 1800s there were no brands or malls that could cater to the needs of women as far as beauty was concerned. But did that stop these world-famous beauties? Of course not, and hence came in handy the home remedies.

How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

But according to them, beauty is not just about beauty products but also a good lifestyle. CBD Green tea is an essential part of the geisha beauty routine. It is an antioxidant that is capable of neutralizing the damage done by the sun.

The secret to beauty is a balance between a healthy lifestyle and a combination of a proper diet. Seaweed and squalane are significant for the geisha skin care routine.

Some easy home remedies:

We all have our mothers and grandmothers who are extremely worried about our eating habits. Oily food, unhealthy cheesy pizzas they all do show an impact on your skin. But there are some easy ways to resolve these problems. You can make easy and effective concoction using some natural ingredients, some of it is in your kitchen itself.

  1. For instance, turmeric powder, it is one of the prominent ingredients in any kitchen. Mix a pinch of turmeric powder with some milk to form a concoction and apply it on your face. Turmeric is well renowned for its antiseptic properties, and this will actually help you to calm down that unwanted ugly acne and pimples.

How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

  1. Next in the line is, undoubtedly, the cream of milk. Yes, even though a majority of us hate the creamy layer, but trust me, your skin loves it. All you need to do is clean your face well with water and rub some of that cream on your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it. You will fail to miss the instant glow that it gives.

3 steps to skin care routine before bed:

1. Cleansing: Cleansing is not only the first but also the most crucial part of any skincare routine. Just as your makeup base sets your face for the following makeup, your cleanser sets your face to carry on with the rest of the skincare regime. Cleansing is also a little tricky. If you have makeup on, then you will have to go for a double cleansing, first an oil-based cleanser which is to be followed by a water-based cleanser. This will ensure that your skin is devoid of all chemicals. For the oil-based cleanser, you can use the oil infused micellar water. And for the water-based cleanser, you can use any foaming face wash, whichever suits your skin.

    How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

    2. Toning: Even though cleanser quintessentially needs to be followed by a scrub, but scrubbing your skin every single day can strip your skin off of some essential fats. So we can skip to the toning. Toning seems like a step that you can skip, but it is absolutely a necessary step. It opens up your pores and prepares your skin to absorb the treatment, as in the next step. For toning, you can use simple toners like rose water, basil water, aloe vera, tomato or even rice water. And do not just wipe your face with some toner wetter cotton. You have to massage the toner into your skin. And let it sit for a minute or two and then go ahead with the next step. Rice water toner is one of Geisha’s favourites. It is easy to make and an easy solution to your skin care issues. 

      How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?


        3. Rice water toner: when you wash the rice before cooking, after the first wash, soak the rice in water. Soak it for an hour. The water will have a little whitish colour. Save that water in a bottle or a spray bottle and store it in the freezer. And voila you have your rice water toner ready. You can use this water for 2-3 days as a toner.

        3. Moisturising:  

        How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

        Now, this is the final step and we all know the importance of this step. This moisturising is going to give your skin that extra care. So it becomes very important to choose a good moisturiser. Firstly, do not replace your moisturiser with your night cream just because it’s a before bed skincare routine. Both the products have their own part to play in your skincare regime. And they are not interchangeable. If you are using a night cream please use it at least 15 minutes after the moisturiser.


        How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?

        Above all, it is important to remember that skin care is not just about the above 3 steps. For a good healthy and young skin, you need to maintain a good diet. Along with a good diet, exercise is also essential. Regular exercise keeps your skin healthy too.

        The increased blood flow and healthy circulation tend to keep the skin young and vibrant. So the next time that you put on your waist training corset to reduce some extra fat while exercising, just know that your skin is also getting benefitted. 

        Moreover, for a good diet, have a balanced diet instead of a crash diet. Balance the portion of intakes. Include some green salad, a lot of water to keep you hydrated and a good long sleep in your daily routine. All these contribute to your skin’s health.

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        How to Clean Your Skin Before Bed In 3 Steps?