April 21, 2020




Appearance matters – are the two most essential words in the life of every fashion and self-savvy woman and man. Such an individual is always aware of what suits them and what doesn’t, and they dress or do makeup accordingly. Because not doing so has its consequences.

You must remember being left astonished when looking at someone with different shades of makeup on their face and neck. It seems like there is an orange shade on their face, while a pale one on their neck. Also, any foundation that isn’t dark enough makes one look too pale or strange. All such problems occur due to the lack of answer to a straightforward question – what is my skin tone?

The first thing that pops up in your mind is how you should pick up the right makeup for your skin tone. If you want to avoid any rather atrocious act or blunder in composition, then read on. This article will put forth a few but powerful tips to help you find the right makeup according to your skin tone. So, let’s begin.

Pick a Simple Foundation:

The first rule to remember when opting for some new makeup is to look for simpler products. Also, remember that you will need to have a variety in front of you to make the right decision. Doing so will allow you to have a good idea of things and pick just the right shade for yourself. If you head to a store that offers these components, you are likely to make the best choice. The sole purpose of the foundation is to create a uniform effect on the skin. You may also want to pick one that can moisturize the skin or function as a sunblock. Remember to pick a foundation that’s healthier for your skin by opting for only cruelty-free makeup.

Choose a Suitable Coordinating Concealer:

There is plenty of advice on choosing the concealer; it should not be different than your tone at all. In other words, it should be as closest to your skins as possible. To make this step simple for yourself, just pick a concealer that matches the type and sort of the foundation.

Finding an Appropriate Eyeshade:

Getting the right eyeshades can also be an ordeal at times, but the rule to pick the right ones is quite simple. If you have a dark or deep complexion, then simply opt for darker shades, such as brown, deep red, or a golden one. Similarly, if you have a light or fair tone, just go for dominant rose, pink or blue shade, whatever suits you.

Get the Right Powder:

There may be a lot of variety available of the face powder, but the fact is that you don’t need to make much effort with this one. The smart way to do so is just to pick a translucent powder as it will complement both your foundation and concealer.

Pay Attention to Cheeks and Lips:

Your makeup cannot have a comprehensive or complete look if you do not try the right shades on the cheeks and lips. To add the right touch of color, just make sure that the color on the lips and the blush coordinate with each other.

Don’t Forget Your Skin Needs:

One should always pay attention to their specific skin needs when choosing makeup. The easiest way to do so is to read the labels of the products before making your purchase. You should get the ones that go along well with your skin. In this regard, the ingredients in a product matter the most. For instance, if you have oily skin, then choose a blush brush or powder brush. Similarly, select items that are non-allergic or for use on sensitive skin.

What’s My Skin Tone?

If you know your skin tone, it can bring relief and address all your queries related to makeup. Have you ever been told that you have porcelain skin? If yes, you probably have a fair tone. If your mood is identified as somewhat pale, then you have a light tone. Whereas, if you don’t have a too dark or too light tone, you more likely have a medium tone. And lastly, if you have a dull texture, then you have a deep skin tone.


Wearing makeup that suits your skin tone is important because it defines your style and appearance. That makes it essential to buy products that suit your specific skin needs. The smart way is first to determine your tone and undertone and selecting the ones accordingly. It is imperative to pay attention to your skin health and never fall for cheap or too-good-to-be-true products as these may contain toxic ingredients. Before you head to shopping, remember that only cruelty-free makeup allows for healthier skin in the longer run.

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