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How To Choose The Best Eyelash Extension Glue For Your Humidity Levels

You've probably been approached by a friend, requested advice on choosing the best eyelash extension glue given that she had "humidity problems" with her current product. If that is true, then I'm going to offer my two cents and help you find the best lash glue for your humidity, no matter what climate or country you live in.

First of all, let me start by saying that this is a common problem for those who live in areas with high humidity. In fact, it's probably one of the first questions I was asked as a lash artist, "Will my lashes last longer if I use this adhesive?" The answer lies in your glue and your climate.

As a lash artist, I have noticed that the glues that I recommend to my clients in humid areas are completely different than the glues I'd recommend to those living in dryer areas.

The biggest reason for this is water and its role in your glue and lash application.

Water, humidity, extreme temperatures and many other environmental factors can cause your adhesive's quality to degrade.  Therefore, you have to choose a glue that is made with that in mind.

Let me explain the most common glues out there for lash extension application, their pros and cons under high humidity conditions, which climates they are most effective for, and finally I will list the best lash adhesive at the end of this post.

How To Choose The Best Eyelash Extension Glue For Your Humidity Levels

Double Bonding Adhesive

Double Bonding Adhesive is by far the best lash adhesive out there.  It's a two-step glue that first acts as a primer and then as a bonding agent.

What makes this lash glue great for humid climates is how it allows you to apply your lashes immediately after the first application of the adhesive underneath your eyelid without having to wait.

The only downfall for this lash glue is that because there are two steps involved in applying it, the average client tends to experience difficulty when attempting to apply it him or herself.

Hybrid Lash Adhesive

Hybrid Lash Adhesive is another well-known lash glue that is made for double eyelid surgery and later repurposed for lash extension application.

Almost identical to the Double Bonding, this one is slightly more popular because it has a thicker consistency which allows you to apply lashes closer together.  For this reason, most salons prefer using Hybrid Lash Adhesive.

Proof 10+ Lash Adhesive

The Proof 10+ Lash Adhesive is not necessarily known in the lash extension world as having amazing quality like the other two options above, but it's definitely an adhesive that you need to consider if you live in an area with high humidity.

This adhesive has a similar consistency to the Double Bonding but is slightly less effective for reapplication because it's not water resistant. 

Tips to choose the best eyelash for your humidity levels

When choosing an adhesive, make sure you buy one with the correct packaging for your climate. In most cases, the lash extension supplies company will guide you on this.

Humidity levels in your climate: How high is it?  You want to make sure you choose a glue that actually performs well in high humidity.  Most lash glues will not be able to hold up if you live in a humid climate.

What are the average temperature levels? 

This is important because different adhesive types are used for different climates.  Double Bonding glues usually work best in dryer climates whereas Hybrid Lash Adhesives or Proof 10+ work better in warmer, more humid areas.

Make sure you are using the correct length of extensions

Ensure that you give yourself enough time and patience to do your pre-lash application of adhesive