How to Choose Skinny Leg Jeans for Women
June 17, 2020

How to Choose Skinny Leg Jeans for Women

Skinny jeans are a definite fashion trend that actually looks good on the majority of body shapes and sizes. When you find the right jeans you will love how they feel, how easy they are to accessorize, and how they can make you look instantly slimmer. The problem is finding the perfect pair.

If you have ever purchased an article of women’s clothing then you know that items in the same style may have different fits. Each clothing designer and manufacturer adds their own flair and touch to the clothes.

These changes make the jeans distinguishable but they also make most women have a closet filled with jeans, and they only wear two or three of those jeans on a regular basis.

Before you buy your next pair of these form-fitting pants consider the following features. I promise you will be a lot happier with the pants when you put them on.


The best skinny jeans for women are the high rise waistlines. Boyfriend cuts and low rise waistlines on skinny jeans limit the styles of tops you can put with them.

The high rise waist gives you the ability to dress them up or dress them down, and the waist hugs your normal waistline and accentuates your natural curve.

The Stretch of the Material Matters

How to Choose Skinny Leg Jeans for Women

Your skinny jeans should be form-fitting and hug close to your body. They should not cut off circulation or stop you from being able to bend or move in any way you choose. 

To make sure that your pants look right and feel great you have to make sure the material has plenty of giving and stretch. Normal denim will eventually stretch but once it does it will not bounce back and return to its original shape.

You want a material that will stretch and still hold the shape of the jean.

Choose the Right Waist Band

You want to make sure that your jeans have a Gap proof waistband. You do not want to feel air coming down the back of your jeans when you bend or stoop. The waistband should snug up to your waist and stay at your waist not bend outwards and create a gap.

Reinforced Belt Loops

How to Choose Skinny Leg Jeans for Women

The belt loops on your jeans need to be heavily reinforced. You know that there are times when you grab your belt loops and use them to pull your jeans on with. The tugging and pulling at these loops can cause ones that are not reinforced to pull free and you ruin a pair of jeans.

The Wash of the Fabric

The wash of the fabric is a personal preference. Maybe you like an acid-washed look or maybe you like a full-color jean, but whichever you like make sure the jeans you buy have that wash.

There are going to be times when you find jeans you think you want but they are not available in the wash that you like. Do not talk yourself into buying those jeans because they will inevitably be worn once or twice and then they will be delegated a spot at the back of your closet.

Inseam and Rise

In order to get a pair of jeans that fit exactly as you want them to you must buy jeans with the perfect length inseam and the rise that you find to be most comfortable. Before you order online go shopping and try on several different rises and inseam lengths. Find your perfect one and then stick with it every time you buy.

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