Red Light Therapy
February 13, 2023

How Red Light Therapy Can Improve Your Skin Health

Your skin's health is essential for your overall wellness. Healthy skin can improve your self-esteem and daily function. Over the years, experts have been developing treatments for specific skin problems. One of the promising solutions is red light therapy. 

Red light therapy involves utilizing specific wavelengths of light to treat various skin conditions. It works by activating the cells for faster repair and growth. The light penetrates around five millimeters deep from the skin's surface to trigger a biochemical effect directly in the cell's powerhouse, doing repairs from within. 

If you have a skin condition to treat or want to improve your skin health, red light therapy might help. Here's how. You can also check out Vital Red Light for more information.

Red light therapy beds can make treatment more effective, you can see some examples here.

Red Light Therapy

  • It Helps Reduce Wrinkles And Fine Lines 

  • Wrinkles and fine lines are normal skin conditions as your skin ages. However, their appearance worsens due to frequent unprotected sun exposure. It can also get worse due to stress, smoking, and lack of essential nutrients. 

    Red light therapy can help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of skin aging by triggering the production of collagen and elastin, giving your skin a renewed, youthful look. You can see visible results typically after ten sessions. 

    Moreover, red light therapy is convenient. You can try different products and tools to reap the benefits without leaving your doorstep. If you're unsure where to start, you may follow this guide to find more info on accessible light therapy tools and how to use them.

  • It Helps Repair Sun-Damaged Skin 

  • Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause permanent damage to your skin. You may develop burns, spots, and wrinkles. It can also increase your risk of skin cancer. 

    The red light's ability to trigger collagen production can aid skin healing after sun exposure. It can also help lighten sunspots or hyperpigmentation. Red light therapy may also help reduce swelling, irritation, and inflammation if you suffer from severe sunburn.

  • It Helps Reduce Acne 

  • Several factors, like hormonal changes, stress, diet, and specific medications, can cause acne. While your skin can heal independently, having these bumps can cause irritation. Therefore, undergoing treatment is essential. 

    Red light therapy can help reduce acne, mainly caused by a chronic skin condition, inflammation, or bacteria. Treatment should be around three to five 10-minute sessions per week for at least four months to see visible results. If your acne is caused by diet or stress, addressing these issues is best to ensure it doesn't reoccur.

  • It Helps With Wound Healing 

  • Wounds typically heal within four to six weeks, depending on severity. However, some chronic wounds caused by other underlying health conditions may need a longer time. In most cases, impaired wound healing may lead to further infections, which can be life-threatening. 

    Some studies suggest that red light therapy can help reduce inflammation and encourage tissue regrowth by activating stem cells. It also helps improve blood circulation for faster healing and decreased swelling. 

    Red light therapy is an excellent supplementary treatment to heal different wounds. It's best to consult a medical professional to follow a specific wound care guide.

    Red Light Therapy

  • It Helps Improve The Appearance Of Scars 

  • Scars appear after a wound or an injury. Some fade over time, even without treatment. However, scars from deeper wounds and severe lacerations don't disappear on their own. 

    Since you can utilize red light therapy for wound healing, you may continue the treatment to heal the scars completely. Although it may take time, it provides a practical solution and is generally less risky than invasive procedures. 

    Aside from wound scars, red light therapy can also help improve the appearance of acne scars. At the same time, its anti-inflammatory effects can help reduce swelling and irritation. 

  • It Helps Reduce Stretch Marks 

  • Stretch marks are natural skin conditions. They commonly occur after gaining or losing weight, after a pregnancy, or using corticosteroids. While these may not affect your overall skin health, they may lower your self-esteem. 

    Red light therapy can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks by around 20 to 60 percent. Depending on their size, it can flatten, soften, and fade these scars after 20 sessions or less. Some experts recommend undergoing treatment twice or thrice weekly for the best results. 

  • It Helps Lessen Psoriasis Lesions 

  • Psoriasis causes raised itchy and scaly patches on the skin due to rapid cell turnover. Stress, hormonal changes, skin injury, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking can trigger it. However, it can also occur chronically, especially if it's hereditary.  

    There's no known cure for psoriasis. However, some treatments, like red light therapy, can help slow down its growth and keep your skin clear for longer. It can also help bring relief from irritation and itchiness. Red light can also help alleviate the stress triggering this skin condition. 


    Red light therapy is an accessible treatment option that can help improve skin conditions. Although the studies are still limited, early results show its wide range of benefits in maintaining your skin's health.