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How Magnetic Nails Are Becoming the New Thing

How Magnetic Nails Are Becoming the New Thing

Do you want iron fillings in your polish? If the answer is a YES, opt for magnetic nails. 

Magnetic nails have a textured effect by using iron fillings in the nail polish. Particles of nail polish attract towards the magnet when it is not dried completely. Some people thought that metallic nails are unsafe to wear, but that's not true. After all, the world is filled with myths and needless gossip. These nails are still non-toxic and skin-friendly, so you will not have an infection. 

The simple nail remover removes magnetic nail polishes that we use for the removal of other nail polishes. Still, it is a bit harder to remove the metallic nail polish due to the presence of iron fillings. But, there is a way to NOT use the polish and still get the look. The answer is PRESS-ON NAILS, my friend. 

How To DIY

Firstly, prepare your nails with base coating and wait until it dries. When you observe that the first coating is dry, apply a black color coat and wait until it is dry. After that, apply 3D magnetic nail polish by using a magnetic stick to close the nails for some seconds.

Fake Nails without Glue

Want to know how to put on fake nails without glue? Fake Nails can also be applied without the use of glue with the help of tape. You can use double-sided or fashion tape for this purpose. So, it is not necessary to use glue to apply fake nails. Nowadays, fake nails are trending. They look as good as real ones. Every girl wishes to put on fake nails because they don't want to wait for their original nail to grow.

For Parties and Special Events

You have an advantage if you put on your fake nails when you go out with your friends. You don't need any extra time to remove your previous nail polish and put a new one on. Magnetic nail polish nails give you a radiant look whenever you go to any party and event like some wedding events or dinner. Magnetic nails give your nails a new shine, and their texture is so smooth that your nails will look beautiful.

Magnetic Nails Are Chic and Sassy 

Magnetic nail polishes are in trend because every girl wishes to put on magnetic nail polish. It looks attractive and elegant. 

Pros of Magnetic Nails

There are many advantages of magnetic nail polishes. It will give you a stylish and fashionable look. Everyone will know that you are aware of trending things. They can also consult you regarding any new things related to fashion. Your nails look unique, and everyone is attracted to your magnetic nail polish and will ask about the procedure and information regarding magnetic nail polish.

Cons of Magnetic Nails

Putting on magnetic nail polish has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Still, it's also in rare cases when you have any skin infection or skin problem. Apply one coat to test how the polish reacts with your skin and nails. You must consult your doctor before putting on magnetic nail polishes if you have any skin infection, especially on nails.

If you wish to stay safe from allergic reactions, get a press-on nail with a pre-applied magnetic polish.

Designs and Colors To Choose From

Magnetic nail polish is versatile. You can choose the design of your choice. These nail polishes come in many colors. You have an option to select your favorite color from all the colors present in the magnetic nail polish collection.

If you are a glitter lover, let us tell you that you can also choose glittery designs in magnetic nail polishes. Many nail shapes are in the market like round, square, oval, square-oval, and pointed. Moreover, you can also opt for press-on nails that already have a magnetic polish design. 

Concluding Thoughts

Magnetic nail polish looks appealing and is quite versatile. You can wear it to a party, dinner, and wedding events as well as with daily office wear. It will make you look trendy!  

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How Magnetic Nails Are Becoming the New Thing

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