How Fashion and Clothing Can Make You Positive?
March 22, 2019

How Fashion and Clothing Can Make You Positive?

How Fashion and Clothing Can Make You Positive?


“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.”

Isn’t this something that has become quite a mantra among the millennials?

It goes without saying that the clothes you wear can affect your attitude.
It’s strange how a piece of clothing can change our mood. Don’t we all have that one outfit which makes us feel dauntless and confident?

It has been proved that the clothes we wear affect our behaviour, personality, attitude and even how we interact with others. There’s always a different attire set apart for different occasions. As the saying goes, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. You can’t wear a casual outfit to board meeting just like you can’t show up for an interview in hot pants.

What you wear reflects who you are, so it’s necessary to own your style. There’s no need to wear something just because it’s in trend, you can simply go ahead and dress up in a way that makes you feel comfortable yet confident. Impressing others is a secondary concern, your prior motive should be to dress to empower yourself.

Got it, Flaunt it.

How Fashion and Clothing Can Make You Positive?

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Do you love your curves? Your long and shapely legs? Or your perfect waist? So go ahead and flatter your favourite features. Mix and match outfits that suit your individual style, be comfortable and rock that attire.

It’s necessary to ensure that you like what you’re wearing.

You’ll be surprised by how you dress can have a humongous effect on your attitude.

Think about a time when you felt great in an outfit

How Fashion and Clothing Can Make You Positive?

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Think about a time when you felt great in an outfit. Was it because of the fabric? The colour? The pattern? The print? Try to remember what it was that made you feel great about that outfit and try to implement that aspect into the rest of your wardrobe.

If you feel comfortable in a skater dress there’s no need to force yourself into a bodycon. It’s important to know what style suits you the most, what pattern enhances your figure, what colour suits your skin tone.

Not everyone is comfortable with taking risks, so you’ve got to stick up to the style that suits you the best. Being comfortable will definitely make you more positive and happy.

It’s all about the colours

How Fashion and Clothing Can Make You Positive?


Colours can make a huge difference. The right colours can make your skin glow and your eyes pop out. Whereas the wrong colours can make you look dull and tired.

It’s important to stick up the colour palette that suits you.

Black is known to be a life saviour, it makes one appear thinner and it inspires confidence. Similar is the case with Red.

It is an alluring colour that invokes power and confidence. When donning an outfit in a bold colour, make sure that you’re comfortable in it.

If not, balance out the colour of the dress with some neutral coloured accessory. So go and pair up that cute red jumpsuit with some interesting accessories.

Be a head-turner

How Fashion and Clothing Can Make You Positive?

Source: Theeverygirl

The secret behind a positive attitude is to appreciate your uniqueness. Stop following the herd. Make your own fashion statement by donning an outfit that stands out.

Do you own a unique piece of clothing that looks somewhat different but feels awesome wearing it? Then you’ve got to wear it. It’s important to find your comfort zone but it’s equally important to step out of it every once in a while.

Don’t be scared of experimenting with the clothes that already exist in your wardrobe. These days, activewear is quite a rage. Go ahead style up your clothes from favourite fitness apparel brand. Get inspired by Pinterest or Instagram and put together a unique outfit.

Certain types of clothing can decrease your anxiety while others can increase it and can induce a negative attitude. But at the same time, those very fashion items can look distinctively attractive; High heels might not be very comfortable but they look amazing. Most of the women instantly feel confident the moment they step into the heels.

Aren’t we millennials keen on creating our own style? We want our clothes to reflect who we are but to achieve that it is necessary to be confident. It is necessary to take risks and break the barriers.

According to the research conducted by professor Karen Pine, clothes can boost up your confidence, bolster your self-esteem and your mood.

Furthermore, it was noticed that people who wore superhero t-shirts felt a lot more confident in all sorts of situations. The study also suggests that under stress, women usually choose to dress up only to feel confident.

At the end of the day, you need to feel good with what you wear. Your fashion, your style, it’s all about you.

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