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How Do Lash Trays Work

Lash Trays

Lash technicians find lash trays exceptionally important for their lash extension services. An array of lash tray types makes it a challenge to know which will serve your specific purposes adequately, how to find reputable suppliers to buy from in bulk, and why these are crucial components for their services.

These specialized trays are incorporated into expert services to hold individual extensions for applying the lashes. Trays usually have many rows of tiny slots that sometimes hold a single extension.

These are placed on the tray and sorted according to the extension's thickness, curl, and length, allowing ease in the appropriate selection of the individual lash. Professionals have many advantages in using lash trays for their application process, including keeping their supplies organized.

How will a specialist know the number of trays they must incorporate into their practice? Should there be an individual tray for each client? How do lash trays streamline the lash extension process? Consider the following facts and tidbits concerning these products.

Lash Trays

What Benefits Can You Anticipate With Lash Trays

The lash supplies helps technicians incorporate a more straightforward application process since the extensions are readily accessible and organized. The technician can ensure the correct extension is applied to the proper lash for the most professional result.

Advantages seen with the lash trays as a component of the eyelash extension application process include:

  • A considerable amount of time is saved when the lashes are arranged in an efficient and organized system. The technician can pick precisely the right piece and add these to the lashes without wasting time searching or sorting. It's beneficial for artists working with a time crunch, expected to be efficient and reliable with their clients.
  • The tray allows for a degree of consistency that might not otherwise be available. The eyelash extensions are arranged with thickness, curl, and length, so there's no doubt which pieces need to be applied to the lashes to create a uniform appearance. The client is assured a high-quality outcome every time, allowing them confidence and trust in the application process.
  • The lash technician is afforded a variety with the lash tray as far as curls, lengths, and thicknesses creating a broad range of options for the client. This allows personalization and unique looks according to the look you prefer. If you want something entirely different than what you're used to, the artist can accommodate you based on the tray selection.
  • The storage options are plentiful since the trays are created to be compact, allowing simple placement in virtually any location.

These come with a cover to enable protection from debris and dust coming in contact with the extensions so they stay in optimum condition until application. These are overall valuable tools for anyone applying lash extensions.

What Are The Different Types Of Lash Trays

The lash trays vary based on the sort of eyelash extensions stored in the container. Consider these variables

  • The type of eyelash extensions stored in the tray

  • The various types of lash trays will be categorized based on the eyelash extensions the tray holds—favored options including the classic tray, volume, and pre-made fans. Let's review.

  • The classic tray

  • The classic tray offers a variety of extensions that vary in length from roughly "6 mm to 17mm" organized in a straight line allowing a more straightforward application process for the artist to the natural lash line.

  • The loose fans tray

  • The loose fan consists of thinner extensions that are lighter in weight than the classic design arranged in a fan shape. These allow the artist to create a much more dramatic and bold appearance.

  • The pre-made fan tray

  • These contain pre-made fans, usually with roughly a range of between "2 to 6 lashes," with each fan varying in styles and lengths, allowing a more straightforward ability for the artist to personalize the look for the client.

  • The colored lash tray

  • The lash extensions in this tray come in a broad range of colors so the client can have a distinctive appearance customized to suit their personality.

    The varied types of lash trays available mean to service clients based on their personality and style. Lash technicians can choose the trays based on their client's specific preferences and distinct needs to perform the application process. There's virtually one to meet every need and almost any desire.

    Lash Trays

    How To Select The Ideal Lash Tray For a Client's Needs

    When attempting to meet clients' needs, a few factors must be considered before choosing the lash tray to suit their needs.

    • The lash extensions' length will range from "6mm up to 18mm." When choosing for your clientele, it's vital to determine the length that will enhance the individual's natural lashes, albeit still appear natural and feel comfortable at the same time.
    • Lash extension curl starts at a "J-curl and goes to an L+curl." The ideal when selecting the best option for a client is to look at their natural eye shape and the natural lash. You are their feedback, and they depend on you for that.
    • When looking at extension thickness, this will go from "0.03 mm up to 0.25 mm." The goal is to look natural while adding volume.
    • Material can either be silk, synthetic, or mink. The most economical and common is synthetic but faux mink is favored among the masses.
    • The most appropriate step before tray selection is consulting with a client to check their eye shape, gain insight into their preferences, and assess their natural lashes to see which tray will enhance and not give an unnatural appearance.

    A crucial step in finding the lash tray that caters to the client's needs, desires, and preferences is to understand the various types of lash trays available. Click for guidelines on preparing lash extension trays according to the pros.

    You then need to consult with each individual to learn which will be the most suitable tray to enhance the appearance of their own lashes while promoting a level up in their natural, simplified beauty.