Hawaiian shirts
May 09, 2023

Hawaiian Luau: Celebrate Summer With Hawaiian Shirts, Lei Necklaces, and a Tropical Feast

Hawaiian shirts

As summer approaches, why not bring some island vibes to your backyard with a Hawaiian Luau? Here are some tips on how to create the ultimate party with wholesale party supply vendors, from Hawaiian shirts to lei necklaces and a delicious tropical feast.

Dress the part with Hawaiian shirts

When it comes to a Hawaiian Luau, a colorful Hawaiian shirt is a must-have. Wholesale party supply vendors offer a wide variety of Hawaiian shirts for both men and women, in a range of sizes and prints. From bold floral designs to more subtle patterns, there's a Hawaiian shirt for everyone. So, grab your favorite shirt and get ready to hula!

Accessorize with lei necklaces

No Hawaiian Luau is complete without a lei necklace. These traditional flower garlands are the perfect accessory for any island-themed party. Wholesale party supply vendors offer a range of lei necklaces, from simple and elegant to bold and colorful. So, whether you're looking for a classic white lei or a vibrant multicolored one, you're sure to find it with ease.

Create a tropical feast

A Hawaiian Luau is all about the food. Impress your guests by creating a delicious tropical feast, complete with fresh fruit, seafood, and island-inspired cocktails. Wholesale party supply vendors can help you set the mood with tropical-themed paper plates, cups and napkins. Plan ahead and order all your party supplies, including the food and drinks, from wholesale party supply vendors to save money and avoid last-minute hassle.

Set the scene with decorations

To create a real island vibe, you need the right decorations. From tiki torches to grass skirts and hula hoops, wholesale party supply vendors have everything you need to set the scene for an epic Hawaiian Luau. You can even create a photo booth with a fun backdrop and props, so your guests can capture their Hawaiian memories forever.

Don't forget the entertainment

Last but not least, entertainment is a key part of any Hawaiian Luau. Hire a live band to play upbeat island tunes, or set up a fun game like limbo for your guests to enjoy. You can even set up a booth builder las vegas for your guests to take home a souvenir or organize a scavenger hunt that leads to a prize from the glass jar company.


A Hawaiian Luau is the perfect way to celebrate summer and escape to the islands, even if only for a day. With the help of wholesale party supply vendors, you can create a memorable and authentic island experience, from the Hawaiian shirts and lei necklaces to the tropical feast and decorations. So, grab your grass skirt and get ready to hula!