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Going Back Into The Workplace – What to Wear?

Whether you’re starting a new job or returning to the office after a many months working from home, which in itself has been a challenging experience for most. Making a ‘wow’ first impression is of paramount importance and one that should leave a positive and long-lasting great impression of you.

How you dress in the workplace reflects your professionalism, and gives a visual image that should positively represent both you and the company you work for.

If you struggle to achieve this alone help is at hand with some professional styling advice in preparation for your return to the corporate environment.

Dress codes

After researching the company your about to join, as well as getting a feel for the dress code and how you are expected to present yourself, is top of your list. Traditional dress codes have, in most, become much more relaxed. The legal industry is an exception especially in and around the legal courts.

Below gives you an outline of the ‘rules’ within the corporate world.

  • Business Formal is the highest standard of business attire that employees could be expected to follow within a corporate setting. Typically meaning tailored suits and ties. No florescent colours/patterns for either men or women.  A knee length skirt or dress, tops/blouses with a respectful length sleeve. Always clean shoes and no peep toes. Always maintaining a highly professional appearance.


  • Business Professional is considered slightly more casual than business formal, but still requires employees to adhere to a high professional standard in their appearance. There is slightly more flexibility regarding colour and patterns and when not, client facing the men will ditch the tie, and be less formal regarding skirt length, as long as it respectable. Shoe wear also relaxes.
  • Business Casual sees a shift away from shirts and suits, but should still maintain an air of professionalism that will allow you to make a good impression when returning to the office. A neat t-shirt can be seen under a man’s suit and worn with more casual shoes. The ladies are freer to accessorise and wear more textures, patterns and colours, providing great opportunity for employees to express their individuality and dress to impress.
  • A Casual dress code still requires employees to maintain a level of professionalism, (that goes without saying) but allows for a much more laidback dress code and one that encourages a higher level of self-expression and individualism within the workplace. Employees are encouraged to be themselves and to dress in an expressive way, to be as creative as possible, this includes tattoos and piecing.


By identifying the dress code that you will be expected to adhere to in the workplace, you can begin to form a greater understanding of how you should be presenting yourself, giving you a great head start when planning your executive wardrobe moving forward.

When choosing your work outfits select pieces that work with your body shape, colouring and of course your budget. Keep your own personal style and ensure that you only invest in the pieces that will make you feel confident, professional, and of a quality that will last. Dressing for the workplace does not mean having to sacrifice your style preferences, and can be a great place to experiment, within the boundaries, and all help with a confident attitude to truly elevate each and every outfit that you put together.

Leave it to the Professionals

If you’re still unsure how you should be dressing for your return to the office, investing in expert style advice is a great next step. Getting the professional help you need to prepare you for the workplace will take away the stress and achieve the best possible outcome. Seeing yourself as a confident asset to any business.

Choosing to work with the executive styling service will provide you with bespoke style advice tailored to your industry, your position and your lifestyle. And will ensure that you are styled to make the most of yourself and fully prepare you for your next corporate or creative venture!

Going Back Into The Workplace – What to Wear?