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Girls' Shorts For Every Budget: Affordable Options For Any Family

A short is a must-have in every girl’s closet. Shorts are versatile as they can be worn in different styles, like street or athleisure styles. Moreover, they’re best for hot summer days and can be a cozy outfit. The good news is that they’re affordable.  

However, when getting a pair of shorts, it’s best to make an informed decision. This means considering their purpose so that you can decide the most suitable material for your outfits. Shorts are available in numerous designs, which makes it easy to style them with any tops and sneakers.

In light of this, here are affordable options for every budget:

Girls' Shorts For Every Budget

  • Denim Shorts 

  • Denim shorts are a fashion staple. They’re durable and come in versatile designs. If you’re getting a pair of denim shorts, it’s best to choose the right size. Baggy or super-tight denim shorts can be uncomfortable. 

    In styling denim shorts, you can wear a brightly colored top, like pink and burgundy, to make a fashion statement. The denim’s effortlessly easy-to-wear nature makes them an everyday occasion wear. You can rock them to most events and look stylish. 

    You’d want to check out some denim girls’ collections at Justice or similar reputable sites. Go for trendy denim designs such as African prints and cartoon ripped designs.   

  • Basic Cotton Shorts 

  • One advantage of basic shorts is that they’re available in several colors and designs. Moreover, you can choose ones with a stretchy waistband to maximize comfort for a day's activity. This will allow you to move around easily. The cotton fabric is a soft material suitable for all-day activities because it absorbs sweat quickly. 

    These shorts are affordable, and you can buy them from your local clothing store. Moreover, they’re always available for online purchases in stores like or similar sites. 

    Girls' Shorts For Every Budget

  • Dolphin Shorts

  • Dolphin shorts can be loungewear and are perfect for athletic wear. That’s because they’re designed to accommodate quick movements. The design is what sets them apart from the basic shorts. They’re cut higher in the front to allow for longer strides and fast movements. Also, their side slits give them a distinctive look.  

    So if you’re physically active, a pair of dolphin shorts would be perfect. The material used can be cotton or nylon, which are breathable and sweat-absorbent.

  • Cargo Shorts

  • You’re likely going to love cargo short for their many pockets. You can wear this in every activity, like rigid and rough games and gothic, grunge, or rocker styles. This pair may come in various lengths; you can have short or slightly longer cuts. For cooler days, knee-length cargo shorts will be perfect. 

    Besides the pockets, they have several attractive designs. For instance, you can choose a plain color or printed design, like floral or camouflage. You’ll be spoilt for choice.    

  • Chino Shorts

  • One staple summer outfit idea is shorts. You can never go wrong with your chino shorts on hot sunny days. They’re made from chino fabric using a steep twill construction, a comfortable and durable material. In addition, these are suitable and comfortable for your everyday outfits. The trendy, stylish designs also give them an upper hand. These include animal prints, stripes, floral, and multicolored styles. 

    You will look the part when rocking these affordable shorts. They fit in perfectly as they have an elasticized waist. They’ll also be appropriate for family events since they can be extended or mid-length.  

  • Biker Shorts

  • Biker shorts are perfect for a cycling enthusiast. These skin-tight shorts are usually made of spandex, which are they’re excellent windbreakers. Furthermore, wearing biker shorts can help resist chafing.  

    When you’re getting some biker shorts, opt for one with a high waistband. The band gives them a snug, slinky feel across the hips. These are perfect if you want to feel comfortable during your activity. 

    If you’re not the sporty type, you can still wear biker shorts if you pair them with baggy shirts or layered tops and sneakers. They’re comfortable, stylish, and inexpensive—definitely a must-have.

  • Skorts

  • Skorts are perfect if you’re into a skirt-shorts vibe, as they offer the best of both worlds. They’ve only been worn as school uniforms or tennis outfits for several years. But today, you can wear skorts to several events, such as poem recitals or a casual hangout with friends. For an official look, go for one with heavy fabric and a side slit. This is a budget-friendly bottom for girly and preppy styles.

  • Romper Shorts 

  • Romper shorts are unique as they come with a top. The fabric is soft and stretchy and can be pulled on easily. Moreover, the styles and designs are endless. So if you’re going to the beach on a hot day, you can opt for a floral romper short with a tube or sleeveless top. But if you want an effortless style when going to the mall, you can wear a plain-colored romper short with a 3/4 sleeve top. 

    Rompers have a reasonable price compared to other pairs of shorts, but that’s because you’re already getting it with a top. With rompers, you may be surprised if this becomes your favorite outfit.   


    Now you know the different unique styles for your girls’ shorts. The good news is that they don’t have to cost as much to purchase them. They’re available in versatile designs, fabrics, and styles. You’ll be spoilt for choice, especially for hot weather. You will have a unique fashion statement, and these could turn out to be your favorite bottoms.  

    Girls' Shorts For Every Budget