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Four Tips for Dressing Up Leggings

What’s not to love about leggings? Everyone has at least one trusty pair of leggings that they can wear to any function. Although black is classic, leggings come in countless patterns and styles so you can spice up your regular look. Whether you love rainbow, animal print, shine leggings, or something else, you should be able to find a pair of leggings that suits your tastes. Read on to find out more about leggings and the many ways you can wear them today.

Four Tips for Dressing Up Leggings

The History of Leggings

Leggings, a skin tight elastic pant that covers the legs and waist, are the perfect method to dressing up or dressing down any look. Leggings have a similar look to tights but have no feet and can be worn on their own as pants without being layered underneath a skirt or dress. While it’s not necessary to layer your leggings, it can certainly be a great way to dress up your outfit. While leggings first rose in popularity in the early 2000s, it turns out that they have been around for almost seven centuries.

Audrey Hepburn wore them in the 1950s and they became even more popular in the 70s fashion when they were worn by Olivia Newton-John in Grease. They became a staple of singer Madonna’s closet in the 1980s, and the rest is history. With the resurgence of retro outfits and trends, it could be fun to take inspiration from these celebrities when choosing your next leggings look. Leggings have become so much more than just a trend, though—they can certainly be a fashion statement, but they’re also worn as athletic wear and loungewear. If you are looking to dress up your outfit, though, leggings are much-loved for their effortless appearance and ability to quickly make any outfit look sleek and stunning.

1950s Inspired

Audrey Hepburn is mostly known for her cat eye sunglasses and sleek black dresses, but she also wore leggings! Hepburn wore a lot of black, so if you’re aiming to imitate her look, you may want to stick with the classic black. Pair a pair of black leggings with a black sweater, crewneck, or button-up or opt for a more balanced look with a sweater in a neutral color like tan or brown. Complete the look with a pair of cute high heels or sandals.

Girlboss Style

Yes, it’s true—those boring business casual outfits that you might have worn to the office can be fun, sexy, and different. Make your outfit all business on the top and casual on the bottom by pairing your leggings with a comfortable tennis shoe and a formal top or blazer. This look says “I put effort into my appearance” but also tells everyone that you’re comfortable being comfortable. If you want to dress up your leggings even more, ditch the tennis shoes for high heels.

Dress or Skirt

This look peaked in the early 2000s but is still popular today. If it’s too cold to wear your favorite dress or you’re just looking to give new life to an old favorite dress or skirt, consider wearing leggings underneath. They’re much more comfortable than tights and still achieve the same effect. Wearing black leggings underneath a skirt or dress will provide you with a dramatic look that’s high contrast. If you’re wearing a dress in black, gray, or another neutral color and you have a flair for the bold, you may even want to opt for patterned or high shine leggings.

Bold Patterns

While black and gray leggings will always be classic, leggings in bold patterns and colors are a great way to dress up your athleisure or loungewear. Show off your personality with leggings in animal print, galaxy, and heart or star patterns. If you’re an urban dweller, you can even find leggings with patterns that resemble graffiti and cool sayings to go with a streetwear look.

High shine leggings can resemble a rainbow or an oil spill, and their reflective surface can really accentuate your curves. What’s more, a combination of nylon and spandex makes these high shine leggings extremely comfortable. If you want to wear high shine leggings in a bold pattern, you will look effortlessly dressed up even if you pair them with a sweatshirt or t-shirt. For a more urban look, opt to pair colorful shine leggings with black boots or another black shoe.


There are so many cute leggings styles and outfits, and these four tips are just a few tidbits of inspiration for your next leggings look. They can be worn as loungewear with sweatshirts and comfortable tennis shoes or as an accessory that adds a bit of flair to your next party dress or skirt. Leggings can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the current trends and your lifestyle needs, but one thing is for sure—this sleek, comfortable, skin-tight pant is not going anywhere.