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Flower Power: Our Favourite Floral Dress Designs For All-Day Socials

Floral styles may not be the most ground-breaking trend for summer and spring, there’s no doubt that they do an incredible job of keeping you chic. Whether you’re out in a pub garden or attending a family BBQ, floral dresses reflect the happy vibes of those warm sunny days. Here are a few of our favourite floral dresses for those all-important all-day socials.

Sleeveless Pleated Midi Dress in Pink

Looking for a dress that gives you Bridgerton, with a contemporary twist? A sleeveless pleated midi dress in a botanical pink is the perfect choice for you. With a balance between tradition and modern design, gorgeous floral prints in a sleeveless dress could be the ideal way to breathe some fresh spring air into your wardrobe. The beautiful blooms found on this pink sleeveless pleated midi dress are perfect for all skin tones and will suit those big summer events down to the ground. If you want to go the extra mile, mix things up with a chic denim jacket and some cream trainers for an all-day style.

One Sleeve Mini Dress in Blue

Always looking to do something a bit different with your look? While florals might seem like an easy choice, you can still up the ante with some bold colours and designs. A one sleeve floral mini dress in a bright blue will do just that. Whether they’re large or small patterns, gorgeous all-over prints will always keep the eyes of the party on you.

There’s no doubt that the one sleeve look is also perfect for those fancier occasions. If you’re looking to hit the ball out of the park, pair up this look with some chic, white high heel shoes, or dress down with a cute jacket and trainers.

Long Sleeve Floral Day Dress

Why compromise on one colour when you can have multiple? If the sun’s shining and you’re with your friends, there’s no better time to bring out a variety of gorgeous colours. Going all out with a kaleidoscope of chic floral colour patterns perfectly mirrors the sun and smiles that come with spring and summer. If you’re jetting off to the Mediterranean, a colourful floral dress is an ideal choice for those cocktail nights by the beach. For us, these colourful styles suit long sleeves looks down to the ground.

Cap Sleeve Floral Dress

Cap sleeve dresses are an adorable addition to your summer look. When paired with gorgeous floral designs you’ve got yourself a certified wardrobe winner. This combination is the perfect choice for those sunny picnics in the park or daytime drinking in the pub. We recommend going for smaller, less bold floral patterns for cap sleeve dresses, in order to balance a day and night look. If you want to go the extra mile, matching up this look with chic nude heels will give you just what you’re looking for. 

In our eyes, it’s not up for debate - chic floral styles will give your summer look an extra edge. If you’re going to be out for more than a few hours, make sure to bring along a cute jacket and suitable heels for a day to night look. Whether you choose bold or subtle designs, floral designs are a must for your sunny wardrobe.

Floral Dress Designs For All-Day Socials