How To Wear Headbands
February 27, 2023

Find Out How To Wear Headbands To Look Trendy

How To Wear Headbands

Headbands can make you feel extremely elegant and classy and at the same time comfortable. Headbands will instantly change any stylization, giving it an original character. They can be worn every day and on special occasions, regardless of hair length and hairstyle. If you're looking for quick ways to spice up your outfit, a headband is a perfect solution.

Knitted headbands

Autumn and winter are seasons during which it is worth looking at our stylizations not only in terms of aesthetics, but also practicality. For this reason, knitted headbands can be added to the long list of fashionable headgear for the autumn-winter season. Influencers in social media mainly promote handmade headbands, but this is not the only way. However, not everyone has the time and skills to do it. In such a situation, you can use ready-made models of warm headbands. They will look good with both loose and pinned hair. If you combine it with sunglasses, you will get a very fashionable look.

Headbands with pearls and crystals

Pearls are one of the hottest trends, not only in the context of the most fashionable jewellery. In addition, these shiny beads appear on clothes and accessories. They also decorate headbands. Thin metal bands decorated with a string of small pearls are very popular. You can also choose a headband model in which different sizes of pearls create a kind of diadem. It is the perfect addition to elegant outfits. Headbands decorated with crystals are just as popular, both in the XXL and minimalist versions. A minimalist headband with a single row of crystals is a proposal that can be woven even into everyday stylizations, both for loose and pinned hair. At the Axessorize online store you will find a wide range of headbands decorated with pearls and crystals.

How to wear a headband for curls and straight hair?

Headbands fit both straight, smooth hair and unruly curls. For straight, loose hair, it can be put on in two ways: 

- with strands smoothly combed back,

- with a middle parting

Both of these hairstyles very much refer to the strong old money trend. In this trend we wear classic, elegant and polite sets. However, such a hairstyle will work not only for the university. You can also successfully put on an elegant headband for a party.

Owners of waves and curls can try a hairstyle with a headband in the style of boho - hippie. These are thin, usually elastic headbands, which are pulled up to the forehead. The headband can be braided, plain or decorated, for example with artificial flowers. This hairstyle will be a hit especially during outdoor music festivals!