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Famous Color Leather Jackets Women Love to Style with

Famous Color Leather Jackets Women Love to Style with


In just over a month, it’d be time to pack your floral dresses and begin trying to embrace sweater season.

If you’re not prepped to cover yourself in knits, remember there are other options too. And who doesn’t love a classic leather jacket or a trendy trench coat? All of us probably own a few variations. Right?

Whether you are a fashion geek or a noob, we all need a little guidance to keep our style game strong. Being stuck on a choice of colors is a real dilemma. The struggle to look different yet attractive is what almost everyone fights with.

Below, we have listed the favorite colors of leather jackets women love to sport:

The Timeless Black

When there is no other option, pick black. Combine the black leather jacket with black jeans, a muffler scarf, and a blouse for a chic appearance. When speaking of blacks, a Marlin Brando-style bad boy leather jacket beats all. This color suits every personality and is perfect for every occasion. It is a primary color that works well, every time everywhere!

The Olive Green

If elegance had a color, it would be this shade of green.

An olive green leather jacket looks fabulous atop a white sweater. Pair it with a semi-sheer black skirt or dark denim to complete the final look. All you need now are olive suede ankle boots to pull the whole thing together.

The casual pairing of dark green with black dress pants is quite easy to put together. It helps you look amazing and ready to kickstart the day without spending tons of time in front of a mirror. Finish the look with black leather oxford shoes, and rock the day!

The Barbie Pink

Take your street style to the next level and feel like Barbie’s best friend with this pink jacket.

Barbie has been every girl’s bestie at some point. From her iconic style statements to her glass-shattering careers, it’s been giving significant goals to girls worldwide. The nostalgic feeling when you put on this jacket is simply adorable.

Wear the light blue skin-fit jeans with it to pay tribute to one of the best chicks flicks ever!

The Classic Brown

A brown leather jacket is about as stylish as black. It’s just that brown gives out a different feeling than the cool and dark provided by black. Combine it with black leggings and a cream-colored sweatshirt, and you’re all set to attract eyeballs.

Also, a brown leather jacket with light-blue ripped boyfriend jeans is the favorite casual of many sartorial-savvy women. Kick up your ensemble with a pair of black leather loafers.

The Royal Purple

Sometimes, it is okay to move to an edge and play with risqué colors. An aubergine leather jacket with silver starry buttons is the best pick if you want to step out of your comfort zone. It is perfect for new years’ or Christmas parties.

A purple leather jacket could be your first step to wardrobe transformation. Wear it with a black silk cami dress or skinny navy jeans. And if you find a good shade of purple shoes to go with it, don’t think twice about buying those!

The Casual Tan

There is a chance you’re exhausted with the blacks and looking for an alternate outfit for casual days. Tan leather jacket has plenty of styles that creates a stunning appearance without consuming too much time. It works well with casual T-shirts and jeans. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons it runs out of stock fast.

The color isn’t much common which is why you end up looking different without spending too much. Wear a white v-neck fitted sweater for the top and complete the look with brown/black boots. You’ll get ready within minutes and have enough time to click a few selfies!

The Loud Red

Red is the color of flames. It represents love, passion and enhances attractiveness. That is probably why they say, when life puts you down, put on red lipstick and show ‘em what you got!

Red is indeed unconventional. This makes it hard to pair it with another outfit. Also, this is why it is unique. If you learn the right outfit mixture with a red leather jacket, you’d be ready to steal the show!

Team it up with light blue jeans or skinny navy jeans to enhance comfort and functionality. Or, you could go for a full red skirt on days when you’re not in the mood to keep things boring. Complete the look with tan leather heels and get going!

The Nice Beige

If sophistication had a face, it would be this shade. The casual combo of a beige leather jacket and navy ripped jeans is a lifesaver when you want to look trendy and sober. It is total eye candy for those who appreciate a laid-back style.

A beige leather jacket worn over a black floral skater dress is worth having in your casual style routine. Ramp it up with a pair of black suede if you want to keep it low yet cool.

The Sleek White

If you are an avid fashion follower, you’d know how much hit whites are this year. White is ruling the fashion arena for over a year, whether sneakers, watches, dresses or accessories. The same goes for leather jackets too.

It may seem difficult to style, but it looks pretty natural when worn with a white top. You can wear boyfriend jeans and brown ankle boots to complete the look. Or pair it with a white mini skirt for a relaxed, casual ensemble.

Parting Notes

The color options when you go shopping for leather could be overwhelming. We suggest you check out your closet and pick only those for which you have the perfect combos. Also, make sure you choose colors that compliment your age, environment, and complexion. After all, you don’t want to be the center of attention in a hysteric way. Right?

Also, don’t forget to tag us on your Insta photo where you’re sporting a unique leather jacket style!

Famous Color Leather Jackets Women Love to Style with