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Everything You Need To Know About Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes are the small hair found on the edges of eyelids. These small hairs act a protective shield and protect your eyes from dust, foreign particles, and other harmful substances.

Though, protective shields for both male and female, eyelashes are always the symbol of feminism and beauty. Longer, black and fuller eyelashes denominate feminism and beauty.

But, imagine that one morning when you get up and look yourself in the mirror and found that you have lost a significant amount of eyelashes. Panicked!. The first question that comes in your mind is, whether my eyelashes ever grow back?

Don’t get devasted. Good news is that eyebrows do grow back again but it takes time, right effort and use of quality products to regenerate your eyelashes or make them even longer, beautiful and fuller.

No eyelashes mean dull eyes which are exposed to foreign particles and dust making eyes vulnerable to damage. No eyelashes are subject of discussion of many scientific forums as eyelashes are essential and integral part of eyes.

This article, therefore, will provide you complete information on the eyelashes, reasons for their fall, growth, recovery and preventive measures to protect your eyelashes.

Why do eyelashes fall from eyelids?

There are many reasons behind the fall of eyelashes and their reduction in density and number.  Many diseases can cause a sudden fall of eyelashes. Autoimmune disorders in humans can result in sudden fall of hair including eyelashes. Apart from that, an unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy food, lack of sleep, stress, and itching can result in a reduction of eyelashes. Correcting unhealthy habits will result in more hair growth. However, autoimmune disorders need medical supervision.

Here are some of the medical disorders which can cause eyelashes to fall abruptly:

1)    Alopecia areata:

Alopecia areata is a type of autoimmune disorder when your immunity starts damaging the hair follicles of your body. As a result, there is a loss of hair in several parts of the body affecting body hair to fall. This includes scalp hair, eyelashes, beard, and eyebrows. Presently, this autoimmune disorder has no cure but can be treated using tropical.

2)    Thyroid issues:

Imbalance in the thyroid hormone in the body causes eyelashes to fall. Both hypothyroidism (less thyroid hormone) and hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormone) affect the hair follicles growth.

3)    Blepharitis:

In this condition, inflammation of eyelids takes place which causes eyelashes to fall. This is due to constant rubbing and itching of the eyes.

4)    Skin conditions:

5)    In skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, people rub their eyes frequently causing excess eyelashes loss.

6)    Other Factors: Other factors like aging, chemotherapy, medications, stress, seasonal allergies, allergies to beauty products like mascara can cause sudden loss of eyelashes.

7)    Mites and parasites: Mites and parasite infection can also cause eyelashes to fall abruptly.

Do eyelashes regenerate?

Yes, eyelashes regenerate and grow again. But, it takes time, care, effort, attention and treatment for the regeneration of eyelashes.

This includes:

1)    Proper 8-10 hours of sleep

2)    Proper rest to eyes from time to time

3)    Eating a healthy and balanced diet.

4)    Reduction of alcohol and tobacco

5)    Minimizing the use of mascara and artificial lashes

6)    Clean makeup before going to bed

7)    Proper and regular use of eyelash growth products like Careprost

What are the normal growth phases of eyelashes?

The growth cycle of hair including eyelashes takes place in three phases:

1)    The Anagen phase: This is also called a growth phase. In this phase, eyelashes grow continuously lasting for 30-45 days.

2)    The Catagen Phase: In this phase, hair follicles begin to shrink and eyelashes fall and may not grow back soon.

3)    The Telogen Phase: This is called a resting phase in which the hair follicles are inactive and grow after 100 days or more only.

In how much time, the eyelashes grow back in a normal woman?

It entirely depends on your lifestyle and eating habits for your hair to grow back again. Most of the women take a month or six for their eyelashes to grow back again. But, if you using right kind of eyelashes enhancers then, this phase can be shortened to month or two.

What is the preventive measure to protect your eyelashes?

One can take the following preventive measures to protect your eyelashes from falling:

1)    Start taking fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

2)    Take more of Vitamins and proteins in your diet.

3)    Take green leafy vegetables as much as you can.

4)    Take antioxidant-rich diet like fruits and vegetables to kill the free radicals in the body.

5)    Apply olive oil on the eyelashes for increasing blood circulation.

6)    Avoid excess of physiological and psychological stress.

7)    Take a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep

8)    Consult your medical practitioner in case you see any warning sign.


What are the concerns related to eyelashes?

Women show a major concern for eyelashes growth. They are normally panic under the following situations:

1)    When the eyelashes are pulled out:  Eyelashes grow if pulled out deliberately, provided the hair follicle is not completely damaged. But continuously pulling out the hair may damage permanently damage the hair follicle.  So, if you are a patient of impulse-control disorder (also known as trichotillomania), then you might suffer from the impulse and urge of removing your hair from your body, you need to take immediately the medical expertise on this.

2)    When eyelashes are cut from scissors: If eyelashes are cut from scissors, then they will grow to their normal length.

3)    When eyelashes are burnt: It depends on the extent of burns you had. If the burns have not destroyed your hair follicle, then you have chances of eyelashes regeneration, otherwise not.

4)    When an excess of lashes extensions are used: Too much use of adhesives or lash materials may damage the hair follicle and can cause long term eyelash loss. They can also cause plug pores and bacterial infections.

How the use of Careprost can help in growing eyelashes?

Careprost is generic Bimatoprost available in a 3ml bottle by leading Indian multinational- Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The medicine is FDA approved for medicinal and cosmetic use. Careprost is used to treat conditions of glaucoma, acute ocular hypertension, acute vision loss and getting thicker eyelashes. The drug works through the mechanism of hypertrichosis when the small and underdeveloped eyelashes grow thicker and denser with the use of the drug. Careprost is approved by the FDA for the above-mentioned conditions.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Eyelashes