Emerge Yourself into the Pleasure of Online Ring Shopping
August 23, 2021

Emerge Yourself into the Pleasure of Online Ring Shopping

It comes as a surprise that engagement rings will require a hefty amount to purchase. However, it is the ring which every individual has been dreaming about for a considerable period of time. The ring that symbolises a new chapter of life with the significant other.

The concept of traditional engagement rings can be traced back to the times of ancient Egyptians. During that period couples used to adorn themselves with rings made out of reeds which were worn on the ring finger of the left hand indicating the vein that directly runs to an individual's heart.

However, the contemporary notions about an engagement ring has been changed significantly. Engagement rings are now a symbol of wealth, innovation and love. With the invention of new technologies more intricate and absolutely stunning looking engagement rings have been made available in the market. The enumerating sparkle from the magnificent diamond at the center of the ring is the main attraction. With the growing dynamics of e-commerce couples are now switching their mode of shopping from offline stores to online websites which are comparatively more convenient. But, there are certain things one should always keep in mind before purchasing a ring from online which are as follows :

Fix a Budget

Diamonds can be extremely expensive. The price of the diamond will vary depending upon the color, clarity, cut and carat size. It is always advisable to dedicate at least two months before finally purchasing an engagement ring. Always look out for as many options which are available from different stores. It is commendable never to stick to one particular website or the first ring which you look at. Make a proper analysis keeping the budget in mind. Online shopping is more economical as you can save roughly up to 40% and are comparatively more affordable.

Select The Design

One of the most important factors when  it comes to purchasing a ring online is that it is very important to have a brief idea about the kind of engagement ring you are looking for. Online shopping can provide a broad range of varieties which can eventually make you highly confused if you are not aware of the kind of ring you are looking for. It is extremely important to understand that you have to possibly find the best possible design or style with the budget you can afford.

With differences in sizes and cuts of the ring there will be a sharp variation in the price. Intricate the design the higher the price will be. Similarly larger carat diamonds will be more expensive. There are a number of designs which are available in the market ranging from solitaire diamond ring to clustered diamond ring with different settings. Even the kind of metal which is used for the engagement ring plays a significant role in determining the style and price of the ring.

Reputable and Authentic Websites

Diamonds are expensive and you shouldn't indulge yourself into purchasing rings from websites which are not reputable. Always before purchasing the diamond ring from a website look for the authentication certificate where the website has been verified. Also take a keen look from where the websites are obtaining their diamonds from. If they are mined diamonds from a distant country the prices will vary accordingly. Read through the customer review section in order to gain a proper elaborate idea on the website as well. You can purchase different types of rings from RRP Jewellers a certified jewelry store.

Opt to Purchase Loose Diamond

It is not always necessary that when it comes to purchasing a diamond ring you have to purchase the entire set. If you are willing enough, you can purchase the loose diamond from a particular website and later you can take the crystal to your jeweller and adjust it in the ring of your personal choice. Purchasing loose diamonds are also comparatively cheaper over online websites.

Knowledge About the Return Policy

A major important factor which needs to be kept in mind while purchasing the diamond ring online is having a proper knowledge about the Return Policy. It is often the most neglected part when it comes to online shopping and thousands of clients have repented gravely for not paying close heed to the Return Policy. The major problem with online shopping is sometimes the image is very misleading.

You are unable to understand the exact color, cut and carat size. Sometimes the design you might have opted for is completely different from what you have received. It might as well happen with the carat weight of the diamond which was promised on the website looks completely different in real life. Under such circumstances you need to return the diamond ring back and claim for your complete refund.


At the end of the day when it comes to shopping for a diamond ring it is very important to have a clear idea about the Golden 4C's rule. The Color, carat weight, cut and clarity are the major important factors which significantly determine the quality of the diamond as well as plays the dominant role in determining the price of the diamond ring. While purchasing the diamond ring it is advisable to keep the above mentioned factors in mind.