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Easy Steps to Start a Fashion Blog and make money doing it

Do you look forward to starting a fashion blog? Well, then you've reached the right place!

From research to the usage of third-party tools like TubeKarma, we have covered every single crucial step of creating a fashion blog below. You will also find effective ways to make money from it!

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Start a Fashion Blog

Research & Design a Plan

Before you dive into creation itself, you need to research and plan out a few things. These include:

  • What objectives do you wish to achieve from your fashion blog?
  • What type of content do you wish to produce?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Which aspects will make you unique from your competitors?
  • Who is your target audience?

These questions will help you outline and envision your fashion blog. You will be able to work towards certain objectives and achieve something over time.

Choose a Platform

Once the plan is ready, you should move onto selecting the platforms you want to work on. There are multiple blogging platforms available these days. 

You will get both free as well as paid version options. Some commonly preferred ones include:


Blogger is a free blogging tool that has a quite easy-to-use interface. Make an account, choose a template, and start uploading content. However, Blogger has very basic templates and features.


The most powerful and versatile platform is WordPress. You can find both paid and free versions.  Each of these offers good features, lots of templates, plugins, and whatnot. WordPress' websites are also search engine friendly.


Similar to WordPress, Wix has both free and paid plans. It is easy-to-use and greatly customizable. However, it often promotes itself on websites using ads.  

Give your Fashion Blog a Personality

After selecting the platform, create a fashion blog using an innovative name. Work on the design and interface of the blog. 

Add images, graphics, sections, and everything else that you prefer. Make sure to give your fashion blog a personality. Every element should reflect your brand.

Upload Quality Content & Increase Traffic

When you feel like the website looks its best, start working on content creation. As it is a fashion blog, you should research and upload content regarding trending fashion topics. 

You can visit competitors to get an idea of how your blog content should look. Also, remember to make your content SEO-friendly for it to rank. All these methods will increase the traffic flow to your website. 

Use of Social Media and Third-Party Tools

A great strategy to increase your fashion blog visibility is to promote it on social media platforms. You can create Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and several other accounts on places that your audience uses. 

Growing an audience on these platforms will help you establish a strong online presence. You can make use of third-party growth services and tools, for a good following.

Monetize your Fashion Blog

It is time to monetize your fashion blog once it has a consistent traffic flow. You can register it in Google Analytics to generate revenue from ads. 

Also, you can join affiliate programs and earn through commissions. Partnerships with different brands and companies are also a great way. These entities will pay you for promoting them.