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Dress For Meditation- Comfy Must-Haves For Yoga Lovers

The physical movements during yoga and meditation are quite different from those in conventional workouts at the gym. Essentially, the objectives of both forms of exercise are different.

With yoga and meditation, you aspire to relax your body and mind by unblocking the energy channels within the body. This involves free-flowing movements rather than a strenuous workout.

Obviously, you will need to dress differently for a yoga session. Still, you would want to look good and feel easy, just as you would want with your gym dressing. If you are looking for a list of comfy must-haves for yoga lovers, here is a perfect one for you.

Easy-breezy t-shirts

Typically, yoga movements include much moving, stretching, and twisting while meditation requires you to be still and relax. An easy-breezy t-shirt would serve both the purposes.

Tight fits are not recommended because meditation requires you to do a lot of breathing exercises and you will end up feeling restricted in skin-hugging clothing. At the same time, baggy t-shirts are not a great idea because they may end up hampering movement and distracting you.

Look for ones that drape your body effortlessly and give you plenty of room to breathe. Pay attention to the fabric if you plan to do power yoga because you would sweat a lot. Create a collection in colors, prints, and patterns so that you have something to match your mood every time you go for a session.

Stretchy leggings

Apart from a few t-shirts, you would also need a few pairs of leggings for your wardrobe before you start with the sessions. Look for a material that offers good stretch because that’s what you will need to do a lot in typical yoga classes.

Go through reviews from popular online brands like Fabletics because you would want to pick leggings that look good and last longer and you can get some good insights here. Great fits are a must keep you comfortable all through the entire yoga poses and relaxation techniques.

For the looks, invest in a range of colors that you can mix and match with your tees. And you may add some drama to your collection with some printed and patterned pieces as well. Experiment with legging lengths too, opting for variants between full-length to capris.

Minimal accessories

When it comes to dressing for yoga and meditation, you need to keep accessories to the minimal. Since these exercises are done barefoot, you don’t need specialized shoes.

But you may buy trendy ones if you want to flaunt the look at the class. Wearing a headband is a good idea to keep your hair in place as you exercise. Avoid jewelry and fitness trackers because they can make you uncomfortable and distract others during the session. Skip anything that is too loud or attention-grabbing because the intention is to relax and focus on your inner energy.

While dressing for yoga and meditation, relaxation should be on top of your mind. Just blend your personal style with comfort and ease and you will be good to go!