Draping Styles in Sarees That will Allow You to Stay Freely!
September 26, 2019

Draping Styles in Sarees That will Allow You to Stay Freely!

Change is the only thing that can be expected to give you a new fashionable look. When you team on sarees the prime advantage of them is that could be worn in a myriad different ways.

When it comes to draping styles, each state of India has got its own speciality.  Here is the awesome style guide to make sarees work for you, some of them are as follows:-

Draping Styles in Sarees That will Allow You to Stay Freely!

  1. Athpourey Sari from West Bengal:- Considered to be one of most renowned draping style of India. Specialty it is has got box pleat.  The pallu is taken from back to front on both sides. Many people also tie bunch of keys over the right shoulder.
  1. Nauvari Saree:- Now a day’s these sarees are worn during puja or special get-togethers. The bottom part is worn like a dhoti.  If its properly worn then it could give free movement to legs. Many Maharashtrians happily perform lavani dance too on special functions. A lot of bright colored sarees are available on online store.


  1. Seedha Pallu:- This style of draping is simple and considered one of the finest one in many parts of India. The resemblance of the saree could be like a chaniya choli. Best advantage of this style of draping is that the shoulder doesn’t have to carry a heavy weight.  Right from daily wear to attending grand ceremonies these style of sarees are in trend.
  2. Coorgi Style Draping:- Basically this style of draping was innovated in the earlier times in Karnataka. Generally in this style of sarees the pleating done is on back. Women love to team on a full sleeves blouse with this style of saree. A lot of women these days are adopting this trend and wearing them up in grand weddings.
  3. Parsi Style Draping:- When you choose this style of draping you have to be rest assured to select from materials like chiffon or georgette. Generally the pallu of the sarees is taken from back and are draped over the blouse. If there is beautiful work the same could be displayed well with the front pallu.
  4. Indo Western Draping Style:- There are lot of validated new styles of draping innovated. If you love experimenting then wearing a dhoti beneath and draping up saree like a true swagger can work wonders. Generally when you wish to drape in this style always choose for light weighed material. When it comes to shopping and getting the best of fabrics in Party wear sarees then you could go for materials like georgette, chiffon or crepe in this style of fabric.

Foremost Important Tips for Draping Any Kind of Saree:-

  • The first thing that you could be rest assured is that you firmly need to wear a petticoat. If you have properly tied a petticoat then even the saree will properly stay in place.
  • Proper tucking up and pinning the saree is required.
  • If you want that your sarees should not sweep the floor then always wear heels beneath.
  • To accentuate your overall look do accessorize it right. Don’t go overboard with the jewelry if you have teamed up overall golden motif saree. Even in the makeup stay minimal.