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Don't Get Stuck in a Beauty Rut! [5 Routine Refreshes]

Don't Get Stuck in a Beauty Rut!

Feeling a bit bored with your current beauty routine? Try one of these five fresh ideas to pull yourself out of that rut and start feeling fabulous again!

There are dozens of ways to fall in ruts in your life where you feel stuck. Your overall appearance doesn’t have to be one of them.

Sure, there are some parts of your look you can’t do much about. But if you don’t mind experimenting with new styles, there’s a lot you can change!

From your clothing to your hair (and everything in between!), don't settle for boring or the same old thing. Even if you're not looking to make a drastic change, you can try these ideas to get out of your beauty rut!

1. Start With Your Eyes

If you ask most people what it is that they notice first about a person, there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll say either “eyes” or “smile.” You might not be able to do too much about your dental work right away, but you can work magic on your eyes.

From contacts to strategic makeup, there are plenty of ways to make your eyes “pop.” With a few little tricks, your eyes can look completely different.

Take a trip to the local beauty supply store or shop online for eye-enhancing tools like:

  • A lengthening or volumizing mascara
  • False lashes
  • Colored contacts (no longer prescription-required unless you want them to help you see)

When you learn the right color of eyeshadow for your eye color, it can boost your look, too. There are lots of DIY YouTube tutorials to help you while you play with new shades!

2. Change Your Mane

Your cosmetologist will probably warn you not to do anything drastic you might regret with your hair. It’ll be hard to fix and likely expensive. If you’ve been going to the same person for a while, listen to them.

Yet, you can always find ways that aren’t permanent to change your mane.

Have you seen anyone with neon green, bubble gum pink, or electric blue hair and been tempted?

Never in a million years would you have the confidence to pull it off … or would you?

If you knew it was a temporary hair color, would you play around with wilder shades? Or maybe try a wig with a style or color you wouldn’t normally wear?

There are so many ways to break out of your beauty rut without messing your hair up drastically. If you’re curious but cautious, try a beauty app that uses your photo to play with hairstyles and colors — no strings attached!

3. Update Your Wardrobe

Are you always complaining that you don’t have anything to wear? Are all your styles different outfits with the same look?

If so, maybe it’s time for a clothing overhaul.

A shopping spree is always fun, but not always in your budget. However, you can update your wardrobe without breaking your bank if you do it gradually.

The problem is that if you’re going for the same thing you’ve always worn, you’re going to get the same look you’ve always had. To get out of your rut, you have to do something totally different!

One way to do this is to try subscription boxes. You get to personalize your package to your tastes or to a style you’re interested in trying but don’t want to invest in yet.

For the subscription's monthly cost, you can step outside your comfort zone and let a personal shopper send you stylish looks. Try them on and decide if they fit your body and your tastes.

Remember that the goal is to break out of your beauty rut. Ask a trusted friend or family member if something looks good on you and if they say yes, keep the item. Don’t shove it in your closet, either. Wear it in public and see if it might be your next fashion style!

4. Wear Frames With Flair

Whether you actually need glasses or not doesn’t matter anymore. They’re the “in” look, especially when you rock the coolest frames!

The expensive part of glasses is usually the corrective lenses. If you already have those, you might be able to pop them into other frames. As long as you stick with frames that are the same style and size, you can use your glasses as an accessory.

Today's spectacles aren't prescription-only. They are available in blue light blocking, reading lenses, and fashion faux frames. Bold, classy, sexy, or sleek — your choice of glasses will aid the look you want to achieve.

With so many varieties and choices available, it’s easy to shop online for your next pair of frames. Most retailers have a virtual try-on option on their websites, letting you explore your options without leaving the house.

5. Add Some Color

Another easy way to get out of your beauty rut is to accessorize with fun colors. With this change, you don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. It’s cheaper and just as powerful to add impact to your outfit with colorful accessories.

A simple change to your nails with a powerful polish turns your look into classy, wild, or festive on demand. Do this yourself or splurge on a pampering manicure. Press-on nail polish trends like ColorStreet make it easy to apply polish yourself without the stress and mess.

Pairing your look with a new lipstick color, bright scarf, jacket, or pair of shoes changes your entire appearance, too.

For example, if you want to make a bold statement, go for candy apple reds and royal purples. The classy elegant look comes from bricks, jades, and navies.

Whatever style you're aiming for, you can get it with a strategic pop of color.


Sometimes, all it takes to get out of a beauty rut is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get some new accessories.

There’s no need to worry about permanent or long-term changes. With hair, makeup, and glasses apps to try before you buy (or color), you can play around with your look before you ever make a purchase.

When you feel stuck with your appearance, it can affect your entire day. Use these ideas to switch up your style for an event, a season, or forever!

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Don't Get Stuck in a Beauty Rut! [5 Routine Refreshes]

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Don't Get Stuck in a Beauty Rut!

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