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Diamonds Are Forever; 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Partner An Eternity Ring

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Partner An Eternity Ring

If you’ve been with your partner for over 10 years and you want to solidify your relationship with a gift, you can’t go past an eternity ring. Eternity rings have been popular for many years now, but they are becoming more and more trendy as the years go by.

With rich and famous people buying into the trend more and more, it is only a matter of time before everyone starts to buy an eternity ring for their partner. So, it is important to know when you should buy an eternity ring and why.

  • It’s romantic

If you want to give your partner a romantic gift to celebrate the years that you have spent together, you should consider buying them an eternity ring. An eternity ring, like any other rings that you would give your partner, is a symbolic gesture that honours the commitment that you have made to each other to be together for the rest of your lives.

It is a very romantic idea to think that two people are in love and want to be together forever, and the ring used to display this. Sometimes, people who are in a long-term, committed relationship who are not married will give their partner an eternity ring as a token of their everlasting love. So an eternity ring can be a romantic symbol for all couples, whereas wedding rings are exclusively for people who are married. 

  • It looks different from your other rings

If you think you don’t need an eternity ring because it will look too similar to the other rings that you have, you may think twice after you learn more about eternity rings.

Traditionally, an eternity ring looks very different to an engagement ring or a wedding ring, so you should be able to tell the difference between the 3 rings if someone is wearing all of them. For example, an engagement ring usually has a large, solitary stone in the centre of a metal band, and a wedding band is usually a bit plainer, sometimes with a few little stones or details.

An eternity ring usually has small stones all around the band, which is meant to be symbolic of everlasting love. Like with engagement rings, it is also common for an eternity ring to feature diamonds, as they are “forever” as we all know thanks to the famous 1940’s De Beers campaign.

Diamonds are often used in eternity bands because they are the stone used to commemorate a 10th anniversary, which is often when an eternity ring will be given as a gift. Of course, just like with your engagement ring, you can opt for some other gemstones if you choose, but most people like to stick with tradition and buy a diamond eternity ring.   

  • It can mark an important occasion

 If you want to commemorate an important occasion or event in your relationship, you can’t go past an eternity ring. People often buy a new ring for their partner when they renew their vows, and an eternity ring is the perfect way to mark such an occasion.

Sometimes, fathers will give mothers who have just given birth an eternity ring to commemorate the important life event and to thank the mother of their child, so an eternity ring can be given as a gift at any time that you want.

Also, because jewellery like rings will often become a family heirloom and be passed on to someone else once the owner has passed away, an eternity ring may last a very long time. So even after someone is gone, their memory may still be able to live on through their eternity ring.

  • It’s on-trend

Eternity rings are very trendy at the moment, with many couples opting to give each other these types of rings once they reach a significant milestone in their relationship.

The trend has really taken off with many celebrity couples over the last few years, which is another reason why eternity rings are becoming more and more popular. A few decades ago, Joe Dimaggio famously gave Marilyn Munroe a beautiful platinum ring eternity ring, and Richard Burton also gifted 2 different emerald-cut eternity rings while they were married.

In more recent years, women such as Blake Lively, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner have all sported eternity rings from their famous spouses, but the tradition of giving someone an eternity ring goes back further than the last few decades. Even in Ancient Egypt, people wore eternity rings when they were entering into the afterlife, so the tradition of eternity has been around for longer than most people realise and they will always be somewhat on-trend.  

  • It will compliment your other rings

Most people will be given an eternity ring for their 10 year anniversary, so you will probably have a few other rings by this stage. So if you want to make your existing rings look better than they already do, you should get another ring to compliment your engagement ring and wedding band.

Because most people opt for a plain wedding band, you can afford to be a bit more stylish with your eternity ring and opt for a more intricate design. Also, because the eternity will often look like a cross between an engagement ring and a wedding band, it will definitely make your rings look better because they will all fit together in a nice way aesthetically.  

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