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Curling Iron, What Size is Best For Long Hair?

Do you love long curly hair like a barbie?

If yes, you must have tried different curling materials as well as curling iron to give yourself, long beautiful curls. But sometimes, even after using the different curling iron, we are unable to get the beautiful curls, we imagine.

Do you know why?

This is because you have chosen the wrong size curling iron. Yes, don’t get surprised, curling irons, come in different sizes. And these sizes are defined in barrels, as per the hair size you have and the hairstyle you desire.

What is the relationship between barrel size, Hairstyle, Hair length?

Whenever we go to buy a hairstyling product or hair curling iron, we don’t know which size to buy for our hair length. Thus, we buy any size hair curler and get disappointed when we don’t get the expected result. Selecting a perfect hair curler according to your hair length might be difficult. You can invest in a professional hair curler which is used to create long-lasting curls and waves. This type of curler is designed to give you the best results. So let’s get started!!

The most challenging part about the hairstyling process is the knowledge about your hair length and the barrel size you need for your hair curler device.

The relationship between barrel size and hairstyle:

To get a particular hairstyle, you need a specific size of barrel. Mostly, large barrels are used to create wavy hairstyles. The small barrels are used for short hair and to create bouncy curls. Thus, there is an immense importance of knowing about the right barrel size as per your hair length and curl requirement.

Let’s look at the different barrel size hair curler and their use:

⅜ inch:

This barrel size is most useful for short as well as medium-sized hair. These barrel sized hair curlers are best for creating spiral, kinky, or bouncy hair. This can also work well on thin and curly tresses.

½ Inch:

If you have short hair, you must opt barrel size of ½ inch. This will give you the perfect curl you want. This can also help you create ringlets or tight curls.

⅝ inch:

If you want to create perfect springy, spiral curls on your hair, you must use the ⅝ inch barrel size. This barrel size is ideal for medium and shoulder-length hair. Using the ⅝ inch barrel size hair curler will give you polished and loose curls, that looks best for casual outings with friends.

1 inch:

The 1-inch hair curlers are considered as the king of hair curling. The 1-inch barrel is considered for all hair types as well as hair sizes. This barrel size is neither too short, nor too long. Use the 1-inch barrel size for creating long, beachy waves.

2 inch:

The 2-inch sized curlers are known as the bumpers. But the 2-inch barrel size is mostly good for long hair. The 2-inch barrel size can give you lose waves, beachy waves, as well as defined waves. Using the 2-inch barrel hair straighteners can also add volume to thin hair.

What are 3 barrel curling irons? How to use them?

These are also known by the name triple barrel waver hair styling device. These are perfect for all sizes of hair and hairstyling. One can use this curling iron for creating any look you want and for any type of hair you have. But there are different styling tips and procedure that you need to keep in mind before curling your hair with a 3 barrel curling iron:

  • Prepare your hair before styling up with 3 barrel hair iron.
  • Dry your hair properly by using a blower or dryer before styling
  • Don’t forget to use a heat protection serum before starting the use of 3 barrel irons.
  • Add the extra style and beauty by applying serums and sprays that can keep your curls intact for a longer duration.

Every woman wants perfect curls for special events and parties they attend. But sometimes getting those Kardashian curls seems impossible. No matter what you use, you may not get the perfect curls that remain intact for a longer duration.

But now, since you know the tips and tricks about getting the perfect curls, you will be the talk of the town by getting the beautiful long curls. So get ready for the perfect party look by buying the 3 barrel curling irons.