Comeback Kings: The Fashion Trends That Are Returning With a Bang
October 10, 2019

Comeback Kings: The Fashion Trends That Are Returning With a Bang

Even if you aren't overly familiar with the fashion industry, you'll have probably found out by now that very few styles are here to stay.

They come and go as the years go by, and what may have been on-trend last year, certainly isn't guaranteed to be the case this time around.

In fact, even when movies are made, there's every chance that the dresses used in them might not even be on-trend by the time they are released.

Nevertheless, some of these trends do make a return. Today's post is going to take a look, and highlight how some of us are able to now step back in time when it comes to our wardrobe.

The round glasses seem here to stay

Let's start proceedings with an accessory. If we were to wind back the clock a few years there's no doubt that many of us would have been avoiding round glasses like the plague. They were something that simply emphasized "nerd" - and something that most of us ran away from at the quickest opportunity.

Well, times are changing. It's been something of a gradual shift as well, starting with sunglasses before slowly progressing into the overall glasses category.

Crop tops are back

That's right, something else that is back on-trend are crop tops. As we all know, these were huge some years ago, but died something of a painful death.

Well, they're now back, and the beauty of these is that they are utterly versatile. They can be worn with skirts, or jeans and can also be adapted between occasions. Make the most of them while you still can!

The backpack returns

A couple of decades ago and backpacks seemed to be one of the main accessories around the high-street. Then, they disappeared.

Well, like all trends, they are making a comeback. All of the big brands have jumped on the back of this bandwagon, and it would be fair to say that they all have their own distinguished style. It feels as though most of them are trying to make them as retro as possible, meaning that you really can take a step back in time and jump into the 90s.

Athleisure: it's actually a thing

Remember the days where every man, woman and their dog seemed to be donning sportswear? Well, those days are back.

There was a time where sportswear was banished from wardrobes, and only made its way onto your body if you happened to be actively participating in a sport.

Again, times are changing. Athleisure is well and truly a thing, although you have to be careful. If you go OTT, you'll cross the casual lines, and this is where you can really stand out for the wrong reasons.

Get it right, and turn to an established athleisure brand, and you'll find that you'll again be turning heads for all the right reasons - as well as turning back the clock!

Comeback Kings: The Fashion Trends That Are Returning With a Bang