Colorful Clothing: Is This a Trend In 2020?
June 04, 2020

Colorful Clothing: Is This a Trend In 2020?

It seems that color is fashion’s newest trend. Colorful outfits will inspire you to brighten up your wardrobe making your appearance brighter, lift your spirits, and help improve your mood. Surprise yourself with the color combinations you can make! 

Think of these next examples as a bag of Skittles, but make it fashion. Continue scrolling to the taste of the rainbow and dream up new ways to wear colors this season. 

New urban style - colorful clothing 

Urban clothing is all about attitude. Every day people make style a part of their lives. Clothes or styles that are really original and fresh that draw inspiration from neighborhoods as opposed to high fashion created by designers. 

In different areas and countries, styles take different forms, and they don’t always share the same types of clothing but keep one similarity - color. Urban style is bursting with colors now more than ever. 

From trendy backpacks, hats of many styles, and hoodies to flashy shirts that are pattern and color-influenced, very positive and bright, fierce styles are now mainstream. Consumers feel like they’re wearing their soul when their clothes use color effectively. 

What are the colorful clothing styles in 2020? 

Life is fun, lively, and vibrant. If the sun can shine every day, why can’t we? 

Modern African clothing 

African clothes represent the tradition, origin, and rich history of African people. Different regions have different styles of clothing, decorated with patterns and symbols and shapes that have a very specific meaning or purpose. 

Wearing African clothing is a phenomenal way for many to celebrate their tradition and culture as a symbol of creativity, status, and allegiance to African tribal roots. The most commonly used colors in Africa are red, white, gold, blue and green.

Each color has a specific meaning. Some of them represent wealth and fertility, peace and love, purity and spirituality, prosperity, and life. 

Diyanu is a modern African fashion brand with outfits that are unique and rich with character. The warm, bright colors offer a kaleidoscopic insight into the new African fashion trend. 

Headwraps are worn all over Africa and the world in different styles. In most parts of the world, the headwraps have become a fashion statement for women who admire its look and its rich history. The most popular names are Ankara, kitenge, or Kanga. The vibrant colors and patterns make it the ideal accessory to compliment any outfit. 

Adding some accessories like chunky necklaces and layered bracelets can make you stand out of the crowd and it will inspire you to brighten up your wardrobe. 

Colorful Indian clothing 

India is known as the country of vibrant symbolic colors. From their streets, culture, and colorful clothes it gives us an impression like it’s pulled out from a coloring book. Indian clothing style changes from each region of India. 

An option that men can consider is a traditional Kurta Pajama. A top tunic or Kurta with bottom or Pajama is easy to combine to suit almost every occasion. Adding accessories such as shal, turban, kanthimala or other accessories can help you to complete your look for formal events. 

Traditionally light and breezy colors are best to choose for your Kurta which will combine with light yellow or white Pajama. It will perfectly complement your Kurta and make you look stylish. 

Another option for men is Sherwani. A long coat-like garment usually combined with a churidar, a dhoti or a pajama. With its unique design, embroidery, and patterns that speak of its royal lineage. It is ideal for formal occasions such as weddings or events when it's your time to shine. 

It is important not to over-accessorize your look, just a simple analog watch, bracelet, cane or a turban will be enough to follow the royal look of Sherwani. 

Picking dark colors such as maroon, red, navy blue, red, green, etc with golden, silver patterns will work well to suit the occasion. 

For women, there are a variety of options to choose from. The best option to go is a traditional Saree. With a wide range of colors and designs such as Cutwork embroidery, Mirror embroidery, Kantha embroidery, Pearl embellishment and other designs to choose from that most appeal to your fashion sense. 

Also use accessories such as earrings, a maang tikka, gold or silver set and a traditional gold nose ring to complete your look. 

Another option that women can consider is the classic Salwar Kameez. The Salwar is one of the most comfortable traditional combination dresses that a woman can own. 

It can be worn for different occasions and can also double up as an everyday outfit, by combining light and breezy accessories that will complement the outfit. 

Optic fiber colorful luminous clothing 

When technology and fashion collide you get colorful luminous clothing that is sure to be a statement piece. Optic fiber clothing is based on a patented technology, made of plastic strains of a diameter slightly thicker than a human hair. 

They carry light from one end to another, and it's usually woven into the fabric, so it's easily machine washable. Just don't iron the fabric because the heat can make the fiber optics melt and cause damage to the material. 

Most of them are Bluetooth controlled and the colors and illumination effects can be changed with an app. 

There is a wide range of optic fiber clothing, from shirts and hoodies to face masks, neckties, pants, and even sneakers. 

They are easily combined with other colors because they are mostly white or black fabrics that have value even when they are not luminous. 

The future of clothing is here. 

How to wear colorful clothing 

From a colorful shirt to bold shoes, the first tip that everyone will give you is to start small and build your way up. 

Colorful tops and denim jeans are always a good combination. Choosing colors that work with your hair and skin tone is also a way to help guide your decision. 

Accessories are an easy way to add some color to your outfit without being too flashy or out there and you can never go wrong with combining some simple black or white accessories with your colorful new clothing piece. One great way to determine what color combinations go well together is to combine contrasting colors. 

Whatever your choice is, do different things to keep it fun and enjoy your new glamorous colorful style. 

Colorful clothing fabric 

The most important part of the outfit is fabric. Thanks to the great demand over the years there are different varieties of fabrics on the market to soothe your every need, whether you are an active person or a desk clerk, a nice rich feel and fashion sense can be your top priority. 

Wearing an outfit needs to be a pleasant experience, so choosing all-natural fabrics will definitely get you on the right path. 


All the signs point towards that this will be a colorful year. Hopping on this new trend is the perfect way to break out of your comfort zone and turn heads.

And remember, style is whatever feels right for you.