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Clutch Bags – A Perfect Fashion Accessory

The clutch bag is a formal classic that remains popular today. Clutch bags have been a firm favourite for a few seasons now.


No formal look is complete without a clutch bag. That gown definitely isn’t equipped with pockets.

The big bodice may seem the perfect place to store a phone, credit card and keys but the barmaid doesn’t want boob money, the keys will cut you and reaching down your bodice for a ringing phone is embarrassing and pretty gross. Clutch bags for sale will help you stay just as elegant as the gown implies.


Just as sweaty boob money screams your total lack of class, the right clutch bag screams class. They’re small delicate and elegant, the perfect accompaniment to any formal wear.

They’re just as suited to carrying about the same things you were tempted to shove in your bodice. Dependent upon the style of the gown or dress, this may not even be possible.

A lot of formal wear comes equipped with built-in bras, requires sticky bras or a corset. Even the roughest of us can scrub up nicely with the right accessories.

They’re small and elegant without any possibility of breaking your back or hurting your shoulders. If you like to go from day to night easily but need to carry a lot of things during the day, a clutch bag fits easily into another bag.

You can lock that other bag somewhere and grab your clutch, once you’ve cleaned up, and still make it to your second cousin’s night-time wedding or that charity ball your husband insists you go to.

Hook on Strap

Some styles of clutch bag come with a hook on strap. You don’t want unsightly bumps from keys stabbing you, money and phone down your bodice, but you want to dance. Your second cousin’s new brother in law looks and acts dodgy with the accompanying vibes.

The handheld nature of a clutch bag can make it difficult to dance or go get the entire table a round of drinks without leaving the bag behind. Some clutch bags include a hook on strap for when the drinks are flowing. You can even go cross-body, although the strap is just as small and elegant as the clutch bag itself and not designed for all night use.

Nothing screams grace and class quite like the clutch bag. Without a strap or the small hook on strap that comes with some, they aren’t so practical for day-to-day use.

That doesn’t mean they won’t get beaten up as badly as your regular handbag, so it is one less thing to panic about when the occasion calls for you to be at your most formal as long as you save it for the special occasions. They can sit in your handbag ready for the charity ball that you don’t want to go to, but don’t try to bring it to the local fast food joint.

Clutch Bags – A Perfect Fashion Accessory