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Clothing Staples That Won’t Ever Go Out of Style

When it comes to the fashion industry, it seems to be ever-changing. New clothing pieces and accessories are hitting the stores almost every day and fashionistas are showing different ways how to wear them. However, many garments lose their popularity and trendiness in a few months and before you know it, they end up in the very back of your closet.

Fortunately, there are clothes that aren’t destined to share that fate and they make their way into what is commonly known as the staple wardrobe. This includes items that will never go out of style, can be matched with anything and still have the power to create a flawless look.

From loose tees to trench coats to Chuck Taylors, there are a few investment-worthy essentials every fashionista needs in her wardrobe. If you want to learn more, keep reading to find out which timeless pieces you should never get rid of. 

Clothing Staples That Won’t Ever Go Out of Style

Photo by Displaces by Design from Pexels

Graphic tees

A top style which will always remain every trendy girl’s favorite is the graphic tee. It is an excellent alternative to the plain white shirt as it includes colorful images and interesting designs that bring playfulness to any outfit while allowing you to express your personality.

Whether you are into floral designs or are looking for a cute ghost shirt, you have plenty of options to choose from that will forever be a part of every staple wardrobe. You can pair them with denim jeans or leather skirts and be the center of attention anywhere you go.

Denim jeans

Another clothing staple that you should always have in your wardrobe are denim jeans. Similar to the loose tees, jeans can be worn to almost every occasion and paired with different top styles and footwear. They come in many colors and designs allowing you to choose the ones that best fit your personal style as well as your body shape.

For example, the Levi 501 jeans are one of the most popular pant styles among fashion lovers as they are indestructible, versatile and form-flattering on anyone. Combine them with a cute top and comfy shoes and you’ve got yourself a stylish outfit.

Little black dress

Out of all the different dress styles, the little black dress still remains everyone’s most important clothing piece in their wardrobe. Its classic, elegant and minimalist appearance makes it an excellent choice for all kinds of outings, date nights, the office and formal parties. No matter where you are going, you can always jazz up your dress according to the occasion and look flawless.

For casual outings, you can pair your LBD with a denim jacket and a pair of slides, while for a more formal look, you should add accessories such as pearls and create a sophisticated look.

A-line skirts

Ever since its introduction in 1955 by Christian Dior, the A-line skirt continues to be the clothing essential for every fashionable girl. The skirt is fitted at the waist and hips and gradually widens towards the hem giving the impression of the letter A, hence its name. It can be made from different materials and worn to almost every casual and formal event.

It is best paired with button up shirts and blouses, but many women also combine them with other top styles such as V-neck camis and solid color tees. The choice mainly depends on the occasion as well as your preferences.

Clothing Staples That Won’t Ever Go Out of Style

Photo by Anton Mislawsky from Unsplash

Leather jackets

While new jackets and coats are coming out every season, the leather jackets hold steady. They offer a classic style as you can wear them year after year without worrying about them becoming an outdated piece. They are also incredibly versatile as they come in many sizes, designs and colors and can be paired with almost everything.

Because many fashionistas worry about looking like a biker when wearing a leather jacket, you can pair yours with feminine garments such as an asymmetrical skirt, a black dress or tights and complete the look with a pair of classic heels.

Final thoughts

Despite all the fashion trends people are going crazy over nowadays, every fashionable girl knows that there are a few clothing staples that should always be a part of their wardrobe. Such essentials like the graphic tees, denim jeans and black dresses can be worn in endless ways and allow you to create new looks every time you go out.

If you aren’t sure which clothing pieces you need, refer back to our post and learn about which garments constitute a staple wardrobe.

Clothing Staples That Won’t Ever Go Out of Style