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Choosing Bridesmaid Robes for Your Bridal Shower

Any woman who is about to tie the knot deserves a fun and exciting sendoff. This event, known as a bridal shower, gives you a chance to connect to your closest friends as you move on to a new chapter in life. If you and your friends are setting up a pre-wedding celebration, you can surprise everyone with stylish bridesmaid robes as gifts.

Gift-giving is part of the bridal shower, but you can add a twist and brighten up your bridesmaids’ day with a personalized robe and some goodie bags.

Bridal Shower Tradition

Since the 1600s, bridal showers already exist, with ladies gathering in a private venue to give their gifts to the bride. It is set a day before the wedding date, with a whole afternoon filled with surprises, games, and more. At bridal showers, activities are more formal and more focused on the bride. 

These days, the celebration varies. Brides also take part in the bridal shower planning, as well as give gifts to her ‘team.’ Aside from the wedding souvenirs, some brides also prepare treat bags for the bridesmaids to take home.

In addition to gifts, more activities are popular these days, like watching a movie, karaoke, trivia games, and more.

Why Choose Robes as A Gift?

Robes are perfect bridal shower gifts because it is useful and elegant. It is a simple garment that a woman can wear to bed at night or while doing her makeup. Robes are also a unique attire for group photographs with the bride. The matching robes make candid pictures look casual yet intimate. 

In addition to its usefulness, bridesmaid robes are budget-friendly and a lovely wedding souvenir. Brides can afford to buy a few pieces of these robes, which is relatively inexpensive from other gifts.

Guide to Choosing Bridesmaid Robes


There are three basic styles of a bridesmaid robe, which are a spa, wrap, and Kimono. The spa robe is the most common for wedding parties and is usually in soft cotton material. Meanwhile, the wrap robe has a thinner material like polyester. This type wrinkles easily and requires dry cleaning. The Kimono robe has full sleeves and longer than the two.


Choose a color according to the bridal shower theme. Pink and nude are the two standard colors, but you can also choose different hues that will look perfect to your friends. Other great colors you can pick are lavender, black, red, or royal blue.


Some robes have distinct designs like glitters, the use of a beautiful font, or built-in belt loops. Before making a purchase, make sure to check whether the robe has inside ties, a self-fabric belt, or pockets.

Size and Material

Choose a robe made from a comfortable material and is flattering to wear. Sizes and overall fit are available, so make sure to get the right measurements. The best thing to consider is the material, be it silk, polyester, spandex, or others.

Make your bridal shower more fun with beautiful and comfy bridesmaid robes. Consider all the factors mentioned above to get high-quality robes for your friends.

Choosing Bridesmaid Robes for Your Bridal Shower