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Changing Fashion Trends Through The Changing Times

Fashion is not about styling alone. It's about expressing yourself. It's about standing out from the rest. The point of difference might vary, though.

For instance, who can forget the uniquely woven clothes for kings and queens when peasants wore simple clothes? The idea here was to differentiate between position and status. Another example is the use of uniforms to differentiate commoners from the people serving the land. Further, the use of bandanas with color-coding serves the purpose of communicating about preferences.

In other words, fashion has moved from a purely functional role to reflecting social constructs. To put it another way. Fashion is about intent and purpose more. It could be the intent of enjoying free time or projecting a liberating ideology.

This article will give you an outlook on the changing fashion trends with time. So, are you ready? Let's start!

Revolution Period And Clothing Trends

The revolution period was more about rebellion against the England armed forces. It was the first-ever campaign of liberalism against the conventional order of things. All of this was more about the ideologies during the 18th century.

But what about fashion?

During the American Revolution, women preferred wearing clothes consisting of a gown or petticoat women usually over a hooped petticoat. It was more about wearing layers. Even the undergarments were similar to corsets. The fabrics, dyes, or layers depended on one's wealth. Some even used a stomacher to give the dress a new look.

It was more about wearing a loose white shirt with a waistcoat, stockings, a cravat, and a coat for men. Coats were usually long, with some even going for loose sleeves. During the 1770s, men's clothing was more individually tailored to fit the body. Shiny buttons and stylish wool clothes marked the era. The forces usually wore hunting shirts with unknown lower pants that were most preferred.

All in all, it was more about projecting class or designation. Rest it was all about what was the ongoing trend.

What Changed When Society Entered the 20th Century?

The social structure took a drastic turn with World War 1. People of all classes were stepping up to help with the war. Fashion, too, saw the most drastic changes. Many men and women wore uniforms. Even civilian clothes were inspired by the military to give a more patriotic feel.

After the war ended, the ideology could clearly be seen in the fashion trends. Women's clothing became less complicated. So, it became less confined with girdles. Not only that, brasseries replaced corsets, and the trend of shorter skirts became much more prominent.

The country saw an early dominance of fashion from France. One of the classic examples was a Jean Patou adaptation. It was a V-necked attire with raglan sleeves. Starting in the 1920s, America saw a rise in Hollywood-adapted garments.

Wool gingham suits became the talk of the town. Plus, the mid-calf straight skirts and medium-sized checks became popular as well.

Here are some prominent trends that were popular in the 20th century.

  • Feathered Hat, or Plume Boom, was quite popular in the early 1900s. Women loved pairing their hats with feathers or wings. But this led to a fall in the bird population. So, people switched to flapper headbands during the 1920s, with the bob haircut rising in popularity. Women donned this look to give them a more feminine touch.
  • The 1920s also saw a clothing trend that was similar for men and women. There was less emphasis on flattening busts or straightening hips. Male-inspired clothing became the newfound trend.
  • The 1940s was more about utility dressing styles. Fashion was more about durability and affordability. Rolled up sleeves with red lipstick became normal. Repurposing old clothing, bed sheets with patterns became more popular.
  • Then the American couture design industry further saw a change after WWII. The style was entirely American. The garments were more practical. Sleeveless dresses with matching dresses or tuck-fit clothing were quite common.
  • The other part of the 20th century was more about the ready-to-wear collection. It was not limited to a single style. However, one could find sportswear and evening wear in this collection.

That's how the country saw a major change in clothing trends in this century. Everything started from training artists in France, French inspiration, to manufacturing within the country. The country saw a drastic change in fashion trends.

But what about the modern fashion industry? Let's find out!

Modern Fashion Trends

Like every industry, fashion also embraces the fact that "change is the only constant." So, it's an ever-changing concept. It is both about materialism and creative expression. While the material side of fashion is about the fabric or the textile, the latter is about ideologies, views, ideals, or wishes.

For instance, pairing corset belts with t-shirts with some text is more about being vocal about political views these days. In other words, you can find a variety of styles taking over the fashion world today.

  • Sustainable fashion is more about using organic or fairly produced materials. Cotton is the most preferred material to manufacture garments in this style. It's about covering the social, economic, and environmental aspects. eco-friendly t-shirts for women are also gaining popularity.
  • Versatile clothing is the type of trend where you can turn a cloth piece into a different attire by doing simple modifications. For instance, one can turn their maxi dress into a skirt using a zipper or convert their cape into a cardigan.
  • Futuristic Fashion trends are all about creating and using new materials, such as UV-protective fabrics as a part of swimwear.

Other than these, creative liberation fashion ideas also saw a rise in the last couple of decades. But the youth is also looking to create a unique trend by incorporating patriotic flavors into their everyday clothing styles.  

But how? Keep reading, and you'll know more.

How to Style Yourself as a Patriot in Today's Modern Age?

Although dressing up in a style that's inspired by historical events or liberated thoughts might seem a bit out of order, this is a quite "fascinating trend," especially if you are planning to wear it on the 4th of July.

But why make it monotonous when you can clearly add a pinch of holiday spirit. Instead of going for the cliche stars of all stripes, you can opt for American Patriot shirts with meaningful quotes or wordings.

You can also opt for red, white, or blue shirts. You can go all colorful by pairing the right color shirts with jeans. What else? Look below for more options.

Plain Shirts With Patriotic Statements

You can turn a simple red, blue, or white T-shirt into a patriotic theme by going for some DIY or homemade embellishments. You can go all glittery in this style. You can also opt for puff paints or go for fabric paints and cover the lines with sequins. Just try and keep the shirt dry, or your glue or paint might start fading away if it gets wet.

Go For The Conventional Stars/ Stripes

While it might feel like a cliche, you might use this option to create a theme concept, as we mentioned before. For instance, your gang can wear a red and white striped shirt with a blue star skirt. The idea is to keep it simple, whether you are a man or a woman.

Accessorize Appropriately

There is no point going for the patriot look if you are not pairing it with patriotic-themed earrings. You can go for tiny U.S. flags or star-themed necklaces. You can also pair your dress with a red and white clutch (with or without stripes). Don't forget to go for the right pair of sneakers or sandals to perfect the look.


It is quite surprising that what we see today isn't the same as it was in yesteryears. Like everything else, fashion also evolved and emerged. In short, we are using the evolved version now. Everything from the complicated corset era in the Victorian times to fashion ideas that revolve around some expression or emotion, the industry saw a major transformation.

Today's fashionistas suggest everyone don the look that reflects their personality rather than blindly following a tradition. If it's not you, you won't ever be considered fashionable. Besides the Hollywood-adapted looks, fashion brands now are using clothing lines to enable change in society.

The rise in everyday wear that aligns itself with its history and culture is growing at a fast pace. If it's meeting the comfort of the individuals, it's in trend. That's the whole point of fashion nowadays — Comfort and versatility. So, if you want to be called a stylish person, here’s what you must do.

  • Find your own style.
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others.
  • Practicality must be your approach when it comes to finding the right apparel.
  • Never leave out accessories (but don't overdo them as well).

And lastly, don't forget to smile. That will further enhance your overall look.

But don't forget to tell us, what is the fashion to you? What era of fashion trends made an impact on you? Also, please share your favorite fashion styles.

Changing Fashion Trends Through The Changing Times

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