Carry On: Top 10 Purse Trends of 2019
June 19, 2019

Carry On: Top 10 Purse Trends of 2019

When it comes to choosing the right purse for your needs, both style and practicality are important. Check out our guide to the top 10 purse trends of 2019.

Carry On: Top 10 Purse Trends of 2019

Things are getting quite playful when it comes to the purse trends of 2019, just like the fashionista and celebrity glam hitting festival red carpets, like the posh rouge of the Cannes Film Festival

Like how about that flirty striped frock Caroline de Maigret is flaunting? And what about the white feathers on Li Yuchun's number or Shailene Woodley's skirt tux?

Even the guys are having fun, with Elton John and Taron Egerton stepping out in Richard Madden Rocketman suits and bling on the sneaks. And Luka Sabbat livening it up with ruffles.

So, yes, we're beside ourselves with giddiness about the fun that's happening in fashion and with handbags. 

Let's take a look at the handbag trends of 2019 with these 10 favorites. Keep reading to find out which playful hand, arm, waist, and shoulder candy you might be using for your pocketbooks. Then, start pairing purses with your favorite styles of the summer and fall seasons this year.

1. Cuddle and Carry

Think of your purse like a new puppy, furry, cuddly, and playful, like you want to hold it in your arms, spin around, skip, and cuddle. Yes, on trend for handbags right now are purses covered in soft fluff. 

Think orange poofy fur or long red hair that you could brush. Think about a beige carpeted handheld that looks like an adorable basket as well as your Snickerdoodle dog. Think about a faux leopard fur travel-size handbag that you can actually put your mini Twoodle puppy in. 

2. Belt Bag Fun

Belt bags came back at the start of 2019 with a bump up from pure practicality of fanny packs to posh practicality in elegance. Yes, they went chic and now they're trending playful and fun like their furry friends.

In fact, one of our favorites the 2019 purse trends' batch is the green furry belt bag making its way around waists and flirty dresses and jeans this year.

We're also checking out the snakeskin western looking waist tote and the colorful Pucci double clip on following the double-duty trend. And then there are the matchy-matchy bags that have the same fabric as your outfit and the straight-up neon bags that make a statement just by being there.

3. Itsy Bitsy Ideal

The year started with extra-large totes and now it's the mini bags that reign supreme, with gigantic carryalls taking a close second in size. We're talking really small, like just big enough for your key, card, compact, lip color, and a bit of cash. 

What fun is that these minis often mimic their true-size counterparts. We love the mini briefcase, for example, or the mini Bauletto circle bag that's also a handheld, another of the 2019 purse trends.

Look around and you'll see how fun it is to find these styles in all different sizes.

4. Two-in-One Bags

This trend is like your handbag has a mini-me or a twin. Think two bags hooked and carried together.

Often, one is regular-sized and the other is a mini. But that's not always the case. Take the Pucci belt bag with two minis clipped on to the belt.

And then there are those with two bigger bags hooked together by their straps. We've also seen a fun black travel bag with a regular-size matching white handbag.

This one's a favorite for those that love matching sets. Also, they're so practical because you can divide up your stuff!

5. Hold-That-Strap Bag

Hand-held bags are trending hard this year. Think easy-to-hold short hoops or long strap. What's at the end of the strap ranges from playful balls to classy box cases and everything in between.

Designers are having fun with the straps too. Think rhinestone studs, bright colors, chains, and macrame. 

6. Geometric-Shaped Bags

Balls, boxes, triangles, oh my! They're trending in 2019 in purses as well as accessories and footwear. 

This is one of our favorites because some of these bags look like works of art that could be in a museum. 

7. XL Totes

While the micro mini has taken the lead in handbag trends when it comes to size, the carry-everything handbag is still going strong in handbag trends in 2019. And when we mean, carry everything, we mean a lot.

These purses come in a lot of shapes, be it the beach bag tote, the means-business attache case look, or the elegant-small-handle bag. And they're big enough for not only your laptop but also your tablet, phone, extra shoes, lunch, jacket, change of clothes, and beach towel. 

We're exaggerating a bit but not that much.

8. See-Through Purses

Talk about playful! Talk about actual see-through plastic. That's what this trend is: see-through plastic handbags. 

Don't expect to hide anything, rather think of it like getting to show off the real you!

9. Practicality in a Bag

Handbag trends of 2019 have been big on practicality and comfort. We have the oversize totes and the belt bags. Those are double dipping in this trend too.

Also, trending hard still are backpacks. To make them super 2019, go with fun, bright colors, and bling. Or mix and match trends with the cuddly fur on your rucksack or try see-through on your back.

10. Bright-Colored Bags

Speaking of bright colors, they're on trend in 2019 in a big way across the fashion landscape. Did you see all those giant pink dresses on the Oscar red carpet?

Think neon green and pink. Think tangerine orange. Think coral. Let your eyes peruse the wares and be drawn in by the pop of color when looking for the right handbag for you.

Carry On With Your Favorite Purse Trends of 2019

We're so excited about these fun purse trends of 2019. How about you? Ready to cuddle with your handbag or go hands-free with a new chic belt bag? 

We hope you give yourself the chance to play with your look this summer and fall just like we are. 

Take a gander at our women's blog section for more fashionista favorites trending, as well as festival-gear and healthy lifestyle tips.

Carry On: Top 10 Purse Trends of 2019