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Brilliant Manicure Tips: 12 Things Your Manicurists Are Not Telling You

Brilliant Manicure Tips

Manicurists are trained not to provide too much information to their clients. You will notice that they hardly talk and if they do, it’s very limited. However, many things are going through their minds and here are some of them they wish they could tell you:

1. “No Need to Use Expensive Nail Polish.”

Using expensive nail polish will not directly mean you will have seamlessly beautiful hands. While these will guarantee you high-quality nail polish, it will still boil down to the technique of applying it and how you take care of your nails. Keep in mind that a reliable salon will only have premium manicures with containers from an excellent nail polish bottles manufacturer.

2.  “Include Cleaning Under the Nails.”

Manicurists are more than happy to clean your nails for you. However, if they need more cleaning, they’re hoping that you’ll give them more tip for the work. If you find your nails are too dirty, you can simply clean them by brushing to remove some of the dirt. This will make it easier for the manicurist to attend to your nails so you won’t have to tip them more.

3. “Don’t Expect Perfect Nails Right Away.”

It’s totally understandable that you want to achieve perfect-looking nails like what you see on Pinterest or Instagram. However, those nails were achieved through special tools, techniques, and products. It’s most likely your manicurist can achieve it, but it will take time. Be patient and trust them that they will do their best to achieve what you want.

4. “Choose Shades That Look Good on You.”

Brilliant Manicure Tips

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Some manicurists wish that their clients choose colors that work them and not just because they’re in style. If you don’t look good in a purple dress, there’s a great chance that you won’t look good with purple nails. Choose colors that suit well with your hands and skin tone.

5. “Please Don’t Clip Your Nails on Your Own.”

One thing that really worries manicurists is a client who clips her own nails. What mostly happens is the nails are uneven or too short. This will be more difficult for them to achieve the nails you want. Also, some clients are tempted to clip the sides and go deeper than intended. Aside from looking it so unpleasant, this could lead to cuts and infection, which will damage the nails.

6. “Stylish Designs Make Your Hands Look Older.”

Some women love to be “in” with what’s trendy. Although this is not a bad thing, it’s better for older women to choose colors that blend with their skin well. Choosing stylish designs will give attention to their hands, but not in a good way. Choose neutral colors that will compliment your hands well.

7. “Please Don’t Go to a New Manicurist.”

You might get easily tempted to go to a new manicurist who offers affordable services. This is not always a bad thing as there are new manicurists who are especially talented. If you want to achieve perfect nails, you need to go to someone who is experienced and who is confident enough to meet your wants. If you really need to go to a new one, make sure to find out more about them and if they really know what they’re doing.

8. “Please Wash Your Hands Twice.”

Brilliant Manicure Tips

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Many manicurists find it hard to focus on their jobs when clients fail to wash their hands properly. If you just had your lunch, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly so no odor from your food is left in your hands. If you just came from the gym and no time to shower, just make sure that your hands are clean enough so your manicurist can focus on their work better.

9. “I am Not Your Therapist.”

Manicurists love it when their customers are friendly and love chatting. Some customers are being too open and share with their manicurists their private lives. These make them uncomfortable and prefer to chat with casual things. They want to talk with you about pleasant things and not about family problems you’re going through.

10. “Please Give Me an Idea of What You Want.”

Nail artists love it when they do unique and beautiful nails. However, it would really help if you give them a clear idea of what you want. Being undecided and choosing the color and design you want will take longer and will waste both the time of your manicurist and yours.

11. “Be Flexible to Other Ideas.”

Brilliant Manicure Tips

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Although manicurists love it when you know what you want, it would also really help if you are open to other ideas. This is because the condition of your nails will limit what your manicurist could do.

For instance, if you want something that won’t fit well with your nails, your manicurist will recommend something more suitable and equally appealing. You should know that all manicurists want to make their customers happy, but it’s essential that you know how to compromise in case it doesn’t work out.

12. “Use a Nail File Instead of Clippers.”

Metal clippers can potentially damage your nails. It could lead to snags and peeling as well as chipping in your nail polish. Filing is a much better option of controlling the length of your nails and keeping them in shape. They are gentler, prevents chipping and peeling, and allow your manicure to last longer.

Brilliant Manicure Tips