Bridal Shower Attire: What to Wear to a Bridal Shower
July 23, 2019

Bridal Shower Attire: What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Do you have a bridal shower coming up? What should you wear to it? Check out this guide to learn about bridal shower attire.

A bridal shower is an important milestone in a person's life. However, if you've never been to one, there are some important rules of etiquette you need to know about. 

There are many traditional bridal shower games that you may want to learn before you go. There are also certain types of gifts that people generally give. Perhaps the most important aspect of a bridal shower is your bridal shower attire.

You don't want to ruin someone's important moment by making a serious faux pas. Check out this guide before you attend your first bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Attire

The right bridal shower attire is not one size fits all. If the bridal shower already has a theme, that can help guide your outfit. The bridal showers invitations should indicate if there is.

Here are some general guidelines for bridal showers.

Dress Up

Even if a bridal shower is in a backyard, that doesn't mean you should show up in sweats. Some people might see dressing down as an insult like you don't respect the importance of the occasion.

However, dressing up too much is also possible. You don't want to steal attention from the start of the event. Make sure not to show up in a ball gown.

Happy Colors

Bridal showers are happy events, and your clothes should reflect that. Unless the bridal shower has a goth theme, make sure not to show up in all black. Some may perceive that as a bad omen. Don't forget that some people are superstitious when it comes to weddings.

You can't go wrong with happy colours. Yellows, blues, pinks, and peaches convey spring and life and joy. Make sure to keep the hues soft and muted to not generate too much attention.

Vibrant Florals

If you're worried your outfit is too boring, you can look for floral designs in happy colours. Some colours convey spring, and some patterns do as well. Florals are one of those patterns.

Flowers are often seen as a symbol of love so they fit the essence of the occasion.

The Dress

The easiest way to find the right bridal shower attire is to look for a dress. As long is it has soft, happy colours, and maybe a simple floral pattern, you'll be good to go.

The Right Shoe

If you need something to give more life to your dress, it's all about the right shoe. You can be more bold with a shoe and it won't seem like you're seeking attention.

A heel is ideal here, but a dressy flat will also suit the event.

Less Traditional

A dress, happy colours, and florals are all traditional bridal shower attire for guests. However, it's not the only appropriate attire. You can also go less traditional with a blouse and pants. 

Think receptionist attire. You need an outfit that seems welcoming and professional. 

Time to Party

Although bridal showers are significant events, they are not solemn or serious. It's a time for friends and loved ones to get together and celebrate an important milestone in someone's life. Your bridal shower attire should reflect that.

When searching for the right outfit, think about what conveys your respect and happiness for the guest of honour.

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Bridal Shower Attire: What to Wear to a Bridal Shower